Call Clooney!

88 Perchlorate and Cut Fiber (2009-04-12)

Show 88 album art
0:00:36ACC in Eastern Algarve Portugal; JCD cooking leg of lamb for Easter; ACC’s next-door restaurant and CVC’s vegetarian boyfriend, cheap rental properties thanks to British suckered into buying homes in Europe
0:10:44CDC finds all baby formula brands contain perchlorate, environmental levels from fireworks; producers irked about ACC’s snarkiness toward Mimi and “producer” term
0:16:42JCD’s Canadian TV adventures, Amy Winehouse mentioned on This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Billy Bob Thornton blows up at radio interviewer for calling him an actor instead of musician, calls Canadians “mashed potatoes with no gravy”, remainder of tour cancelled because of flu; ACC on The Hoff: When Scott Came To Stay, “the manservant’s job is basically to keep them alive”, actors taking to the stage for audience feedback, Madonna’s struggles to become an actress
0:31:21Twitter replacing newspapers, internet “disintermediation” since 2008, foundation-based journalism, top-heavy businesses and the death of mainframes, kosher Coke for Passover; Canadian Cessna 172 thief tries to get shot down by US fighter jets, lawsuit
0:44:07TSA chemical detector set off by hand lotion glycerine on laptop, ACC: “we all know what the lotion’s for”; former German soldier pays for bicycle stolen at the end of WWII; Bay Area fiber optic cables cut, similar case in South Carolina, smart grid and cyber-9/11
0:53:44Jon Stewart all-in on Democrat corporatism/fascism; JCD on inability to find deli employees willing to work, JMD the “straight-A grouch”; Michele Bachmann branded “kooky cougar”; JCD’s rural paper route with housing development, door-to-door selling in UK, monthly subscription collection with tiny receipt book, “you handle your money like a drunken sailor”
1:03:31500 elites attend Strasbourg Black Mass after G20; big money in bunker building gigs; Swedish tax authorities going after cam girls; staging plays and TV shows on UK street cameras with FOIA requests, ACC: “Orwell was only off by 25 years”; JCD on CSI “keep him on the phone”, “same-day DNA” and “zoom, rotate, enhance”
1:13:40JCD on $1.68 and $88.88 Chinese lucky numbers, donations to end show
1:19:13Moody’s downgrades all municipal bonds, Horowitz shorting New York City, Bill Gates’ dollar-ditching announcement, George Soros “one of them”, native Esperanto speaker, JCD: “there are probably more native Klingon speakers”, metric system adoption and “long and stupid” A4 paper, “it’s not a golden nothin’”, UK shopkeepers resisting metric mandates; harpsichord alternative outro music