Call Clooney!

889 The Christmas Special (2016-12-25)

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0:00:00ACC: “The Stargate will remain open so long...” JCD: “Nooo!” (1:59:09)
0:00:38Intro: “almost live” with Sir Ramsey Cain
0:02:44JCD explains telephone party lines, “hang up the phone you little bastard!” (739@0:00:53)
0:05:33Win Lose or Drone!
0:05:50JCD’s adventures with the German Slingbox, “welcome to Europe!” (475@0:10:06)
0:10:01Silicon Valley douchebag “sure!” answer prefix (707@2:31:48)
0:12:17Carbon exhalation tax, Ben Sherwood’s The Survivors Club
0:15:16Dutch Zwarte Piet, JCD on Christmas in Rio, Dutch Christmas traditions (258@0:02:39)
0:21:23Clip Blitz! (566@2:13:45)
0:30:02Al Sharpton (626@2:25:34)
0:33:46Evangelicalism “great question” (626@2:29:43)
0:35:22Black Dick (CotD) (683@1:27:21)
0:36:47Blue Bloods “expand the view” (258@1:56:57)
0:38:10Second Half of Show (675@2:04:54)
0:45:08Hillary “Lucifer” Clinton’s Secret Service codenames “evergreen” and “broomstick”; cackling over vice presidency question, leaving “highwire of American politics” (379@1:08:27)
0:51:41Clip Blitz! (804@2:37:13)
0:57:34C-SPAN call-in: “I’m trying to get a penile implant”, JCD: “no clip of the day?” (577@2:39:10)
0:58:42iOS 9.3.1 & FBI (812@0:53:56)
1:02:06WAMSR reactor (675@1:47:54)
1:05:29Chemtrail theories
1:07:01Airworthiness directive: no lavatory oxygen, JCD story: flight attendant sliding on puke (285@2:08:47)
1:10:40Monsanto stooge declines to drink glass of glyphosate (707@1:10:51)
1:15:38TWiT bomb threat (707@2:22:04)
1:17:16Elvis’ Blue Hawaii (812@0:02:44)
1:23:06Clip Blitz! (812@2:41:02)
1:26:35Sir Upper Decker’s moniker explained (658@0:37:10)
1:29:34Ferlinghetti on Silicon Valley douchebags (707@1:40:50)
1:33:02Vancouver Island Powell River severed foot, US vs Canada “foots” totals (285@2:14:32)
1:34:24Noodle Boy (284@0:55:36)
1:41:35JCD story: Glock at Shot Show with fake CIA stripper booth babe (379@0:44:35)
1:43:05Electric cars of yesteryear (475@2:18:48)
1:45:47Second Half of Show: “Tsunami Bomb” (475@2:08:55)
1:52:25Dutch post code lottery (475@0:04:36)
1:57:31Hillary’s 38 minutes in the Situation Room & Stargate
2:01:10High school football 91-0 score “bullying” (559@2:32:00)
2:03:43Clip Blitz! (568@2:37:14)
2:08:10TED “have more kale” (791@2:25:08)
2:11:07Bones Library of Congress font database (475@2:34:25)
2:13:32C-SPAN host reacts to No Agenda recommendation
2:15:45JCD explains “Berkeley hummers” with Jill Abramson (CotD)
2:21:18Anderson Pooper schizophrenia simulator (625@1:59:01)
2:26:51Intermezzo side effects (475@1:29:43)
2:30:17Bob Graham predicts terrorist use of WMDs, Feinstein “three to six months” (258@1:26:59)
2:34:30Bill Cosby and necrophilia (675@0:44:45)
2:41:59Cenk Uygur and The Young Turks celebrate Black History Month with “Booger Booger Booger T. Washington” (379@0:12:09)
2:42:59Outro: LA meetup