Call Clooney!

888 Dutch Trump (2016-12-22)

Show 888 album art
0:00:00ACC: (Bill Clinton voice) “John, I’ve failed the ceremony!” (2:57:08)
0:00:37Happy Show 888; ACC back on Infowars, MTV “you know what you did, Kanye” 2017 video
0:06:57Bill O’Reilly on Electoral College and de-empowering “white establishment”, Angela Rye: “Bill O’Reilly had it white, right”; Rye TSA video; Friends’ Ross the modern Archie Bunker
0:16:32CNN election rundown: Bill Clinton on “bogus e-mail deal”, Bill’s 47%, Obama “antiquated” lead-in, JCD: “the media doesn’t like the Electoral College because of advertising money”
0:22:59Snopes on 2.8M California votes with bogus 4.8M figure; Snopes founder’s embezzlement allegation, $98k in hooker money, $240k to $360k salary hike vs “no funding in any form”
0:28:45McCain frets about “possible unraveling” of “one of most peaceful periods in the history of the world”, Vietnam proxy war grudge, SNL Putin-Trump skit, Vincent Viola for Secretary of the Army; JCD story: asking journalist audience how many are Democrats
0:35:00Wisconsin Electoral College Game of Thrones “shame, shame!”; Paul Craig Roberts: CIA either “confident they’re gonna pull off a coup or else they’re setting him up for an assassination”, ACC: watch Melania, Red Book: Trump & Putin in bed together on SNL
0:44:53NBC on pre-election “Red Phone” call to Russia, “highly classified and unusual event”, JCD: “it’s an old teletype”; “there is no intelligence suggesting that the Russians or anyone else meddled in any way in the voting systems or critical infrastructure on Election Day” (CotD)
0:54:04December 2015 power outage in Ukrainian city via phishing; JCD on private PayPal & VPN; “ironically ... America’s advanced automated grid would be much harder to fix”
1:00:34Call Clooney: White Helmets film; possible Qatar-Rosneft deal; UN Security Council resolution 2328 for Aleppo monitoring; rebel atrocities in Western Aleppo; filmmaker staging photos of children for social media; digital advertising arbitrage as “high-frequency trading fraud”
1:12:14Producer Segment: JCD’s battle with fruit flies
1:49:37Erdoğan rescues Aleppo Twitter girl Bana al-Abed for “carefully managed photo-op”; mysterious assassination of Russian ambassador, spreadeagled with no exit wound; German Christmas market prediction comes true, Tunisian Anis Amri ID found in truck, photo eye redaction in German media, no iPhone videos; venerable tradition of indestructible passports continues
2:07:00Ask Adam: #1 most annoying word “whatever”; Seed Man speaking in tongues or Klingon; ovophobia feedback, “eggs on everything”; Chris Cuomo’s 99% “impacted by males”
2:15:44Chicago “seven-day polar plunge”, “temperatures twenty to thirty degrees below normal”
2:18:06“Ride-hailing” Über not all-in on California testing permits, JCD on odd stoplight placements
2:25:28Vivian Schiller’s “call it whatever you want” revisited; Newhouse School summit podcast delayed by transcript requirement; JCD story: Tech TV creating blog without consulting experts; Jarl Mohn to WSJ podcast Media Mix on “modern media space” native advertising
2:39:08Donation Segment: ACC’s knighting ceremony Alex Jones transformation
3:00:06Netherlands population jump; CNN on “Dutch Donald Trump” Geert Wilders, “the Dutch created that country out of mud and water”; Turkey assassination as US false flag
3:06:00Leaked Pentagon document with top priorities makes no mention of Russia
3:08:07Joy Behar: Whoopi for president; Loretta Lynch on meeting with Bill: “it was a problem for me, it was painful for me”; Michael Flynn buttslammed with classified intelligence breach
3:14:23Ukrainian Privat Bank nationalized “to preserve stability of the country’s financial system”
3:16:36Washington Free Beacon Trump-deniers compilation: Pelosi “take it to the bank”
3:21:01CBS on Texas dropping Medicaid funding for Planned Parenthood