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887 Fact Checkmate (2016-12-18)

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0:00:00JCD: “But it’s not an underground bunker.” ACC: “Not that you know!” (1:18:48)
0:00:38JCD’s mockery of bad podcasts transformed into ACC’s presstitutes letting guard down
0:03:15RT on Facebag fact-checking network, “it’s like the West is turning into 1970s USSR”; Katy Tur: “will President Obama talk about the Russian hack?” minutes before speech
0:12:45David Brock on his various nonprofit endeavors, for-profit “avidly pro-Hillary” Share Blue, MSNBC “under pressure” from NBC to support Trump, “suppressed” The Apprentice outtakes
0:19:43NBC on Trump ignoring “Poodin” and pointing to Hillary’s “secret server”, “Russia, if you’re listening…” revisited; JCD on Putin’s “huge gold doors” B-roll; Sean Spicer debunks story about disinviting Twitter; distorted New York Daily News story on Army-Navy “insult”
0:30:40Aleppo “Twitter girl” Bana al-Abed and mother; “pro-government militia” firing on transport buses; Dick Cheney: “our adversaries like Mr. Trump and the Russians”
0:33:44Morning Edition on using anonymous sources to “stand up the story” of Russia, ACC: “does this woman sound like Fozzie Bear”, polygraph for “unauthorized contact with the media”
0:43:48Obama seems to suggest WikiLeaks already had DMC e-mails, “cut it out” to Putin, “when we had a consensus … we announced it, not through the White House, not through me, but through the intelligence communities” lie; on response: “we can do stuff to you”
0:56:02Putin’s grudge against Hillary for 2011 demonstrations; Assange on single piece of evidence: PDF & Word metadata; Donna Brazile claims “constant attack”, “we had stolen information”; Obama: Russian economy “doesn’t produce anything that anyone wants to buy”; Sebastian Gorka: Obama uses ISIL because “he doesn’t want to remind people that S stands for Syria”
1:06:47Hillary win vs loss cognitive dissonance, ACC: “fact checkmate”; California elector seeks injunction to vote for John Kasich instead of Hillary, JCD: “this is absolute California bubble insanity at its worst”; Texas anti-Trump elector falsely claims to be 9/11 first responder; BBG CEO to be the only appointee; Washington Post fact check browser plugin
1:15:49NBC on “clandestine operation” to thwart Russian election meddling from “underground bunkers”, “cyber-firewall”, Rockefeller Center Christmas tree analogy
1:23:40Producer Segment: JCD on “jobs, jobs, jobs” rhetorical trick; ACC’s gag gift
1:33:20Post-Ifill NewsHour off the rails; Mark Shields on McCain the patriot and sovereignty
1:40:52China seizes Navy research drone, subs in the water report: Blind Man’s Bluff book on submarine espionage, tapping fiber optics, Kursk submarine disaster and “underhulling”
1:49:37Feinstein to Andrea Mitchell: Omar Abdel-Rahman involved in “not the 9/11 bombing”
1:51:20Minnesota extreme cold; Austin 72° to 27° drop; Jerry Brown seeking more electric cars
1:56:16$750M heroin bust; Episode 745 $5 wager on Trump getting nomination, JCD “pppt” snort
1:59:17Financial Times £50 note phase-out theory, JCD on $3T in cash transactions per year; JCD tip: NBC native ad on obscure credit card benefits; Jason Brennan on voter ignorance, well-informed voters “in favor of increasing taxes”; skyrocketing Times and Post subscriptions
2:16:19NBC Rex Tillerson hit piece, McCain: “friendship award from a butcher”, Rosneft deal; Distinguished Eagle Scout; salary he’s giving up ignored
2:28:53Donation Segment
2:35:42Massive hikes in immigration form filing fees
2:38:30Martin Durkin on universities: “most students are fascists”; Italy’s populist Five Star Movement, “fake news” meme, Russian sanctions harming Europe; Dutch MEP Marcel de Graaff on rape by illegal immigrants; “egg taste amazing on top of anything!” singing toy oven (CotD)