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885 Force Majeur (2016-12-11)

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0:00:00ACC: “This is all about gas?” (1:48:20)
0:00:32ACC and Max Keiser on Alex Jones show, watching ACC fight Tourette’s, JCD “wow, you’re blushing”; ACC packing .380, JCD: black mold turning Austinites into “gun-carrying liberals”
0:13:44McCain laughingly promises Russia hearings; Eric Schultz lies about “high confidence assessment”: “the intelligence community made very clear … directed by the highest levels of the Russian government”; Washington Post cites anonymous sources, “growing body of intelligence from multiple sources”, report “fell short of a formal US assessment”, “minor disagreements”, ACC: aluminum tubes in Iraq; Michael Hayden on Trump rejecting “fact-based narrative”
0:26:10Michael Isikoff on Mike Rogers’ “nation state” but not “Russia”; Bob Baer suggests an election do-over, “what we need to do is see the forensics on this, and we need to see it fast”; Adam Schiff deflects every question from Tucker Carlson, douchey “party of Reagan”, Carlson “look into the camera” on Podesta e-mails, “you’re carrying water for the Kremlin”
0:39:09Voice of America offered to pay Max Keiser to quit on-air like Liz “puʔɨn” Wahl
0:41:48Michael Moore on Electoral College established by Constitution “arcane law from the 1700s” for slave states, proposes “one final door”, “he’s not President of the United States yet”; Paul Ryan all-in on Russia investigation; Facebag freaked out over Rex Tillerson’s Putin connections
0:53:14Pentagon report revisited; Tulsi Gabbard on US funding terrorist groups in Syria, ACC: “no hot tubs, no small aviation”, outrage over retired generals “outright discrimination”; arrogant-sounding Janet Napolitano unconcerned; Democracy Now on John Kelly’s stint at Gitmo
1:06:02Producer Segment: JCD on Mimi’s knee “offloader”; producer: need to pair THC & CBD
1:21:11Trump conflicts of interest, issue “turns very dangerous and very real very quickly”, Obama book income; Hillary Pizzagate reference in fake news speech, ACC Luciferizes voice, “pizza pizza” (CotD); fake news mills in Macedonia, economic hit man: Macedonians hate Clintons
1:30:59New NDAA bills in Congress; H.R.5181 Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act, “whole of government strategy”, Global Engagement Center to “proactively advance fact-based narratives that support US allies and interests”, journalist training fund, “covert broadcasting” by Russian Federation, JCD imitates numbers station, “rubblizer out” clip; money for Ft. Meade National Cryptologic Museum, “space and counterspace operations”
1:45:09Mika Brzezinski: “NBC got a call” from Hillary campaign to get her off the air
1:46:18EU selling Russian gas to Ukraine, challenge from American LNG; “dreaded Siberian express”
1:50:27White House all-in on women registering for draft; PBS on women in Marine Corps, 2014 all-male vs coed experiment, “front lines” comment; Afghan opium production up 43%
1:57:30William Cohan: Trump was on “Goldman Sachs do-not-fly list”, Deutsche Bank lawsuit, “force majeur” in loan contracts; Cohan: Trump cheats at golf
2:03:15Donation Segment
2:15:05Chris Cuomo “99% of the scientific community” vs CNN’s 90%, JCD explanation for JMD, racist deniers; ACC runs afoul of the Dvorak women on Facebag, JCD: “it’s that black mold”
2:23:44Martin Shkreli on orphan drugs, 13% Viagra price hike, faster FDA approval for generics under Trump, JCD on generic monopolies; The View predicts insurance cancellations, Joy Behar’s “smart people”, Whoopi: “watch your uterus”; No Agenda tip: airbag recall
2:36:02John Pilger on “noose” of US bases around China, Strait of Malacca blockade exercise
2:39:33Zakaria: Obama “Mr. underreaction” on terrorism; Progressive Caucus on Trump cabinet
2:43:58Broke Portland City Council votes to tax corporations with overpaid CEOs