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883 Throne Sniffing (2016-12-04)

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0:00:00JCD: “And I know it’s bullcrap because I’ve seen the owl.” (2:03:27)
0:00:37VMAT2 “God gene” video; HIV/ebola similarities, new HIV vaccine tested on 33 volunteers
0:07:18NBC hysteria over Trump Taiwan call, “protocol” meme, NewsHour: “highly unusual”, ties cut in 1979; NBC on Duterte call: “praised his controversial anti-drug program”; CNN quizzes Trump voters about illegal voters, “deceptively edited” Obama interview: “I call them citizens because they contribute to this country”, Obama: “when you vote, you are a citizen yourself”
0:24:23FEC’s Hans von Spakovsky: “non-citizens are illegally registering and voting”
0:30:06Sir Richard explains Roe v. Wade as privacy right during first trimester
0:33:14Dan Quayle at Trump Tower; Amy Goodman on Rex Tillerson and ExxonMobil’s climate change cover-up investigations; James “Mad Dog” Mattis accused of betraying Green Berets; JCD on Steven “Munchkin” Mnuchin and insiders as good regulators; The Intercept article on IBM’s eagerness to serve the Trump administration
0:46:41Harvard Clinton-Trump post-election forum, “look me in the face” meme, Kellyanne Conway’s preemptive “excuse me”; journalists corresponding with Podesta; Karen Finney: “America is for white people”; Andrea Mitchell: “people related to Hillary Clinton as a man” (CotD)
0:59:19Mark Shields on Democrats as “coastal party”; JCD on exchanges with Jeff Sessions’ staff; Sunny Hostin’s “he’s a bigot” broken record on The View, Whoopi: “have you noticed that your wife is disgusted by the sight of you lately?”, “electile dysfunction”, SPLC “anti-woman hate crimes” stats, Joy Behar: “we are building a wall around our vaginas”, platform for white supremacists “a fact”, “yeah we’re sore losers ‘cause it wasn’t really won legitimately”; Joy Reid’s new angle: “if I had a son or daughter in the military, I would be concerned”
1:16:38ACC’s gifts: Engdahl’s The Lost Hegemon and HamRadio360 beanie
1:18:33Producer Segment: JCD’s “I’m a podcaster” at John Markoff event
1:33:52Death threats for Michigan Electoral College voter Michael Banerian, petition calls for electors to break ranks; Veep and Madam Secretary House of Representatives scenarios; Last Man Standing microaggression check; RT on University of Ottawa cancelling yoga over “cultural genocide”; “that’s racist” meme; Newsweek “Madam President” commemorative issue “pure throne sniffing”; Gayane Chichakyan on portrayal of Russia as “all-powerful game-changer”
1:47:38ACC dinner and interview upcoming with Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert
1:50:33ACC & Horowitz picture in the Newsletter; ACC on ten-year history of Pedobear analysis, “why is the question that you need to be asking”, David Icke video on reptilian DNA; JCD story: visit to see Bohemian Grove owl, “this owl hasn’t been in play for fifty years”, “there’s a lot of drinking and a lot of concerts”, “nembutal” specialty drink
2:07:00Donation Segment
2:18:45Veterans headed to Dakota Access Pipeline protest to bolster Warren Buffett’s rail business
2:20:45Long-awaited mea culpa from Ban Ki-moon on behalf of UN for cholera in Haiti; White Helmets mannequin challenge, Raed al Saleh answers funding questions at Swedish Institute of International Affairs conference
2:28:05Psilocybin treating cancer patient anxiety, MDMA for PTSD; Steve Kerr medical marijuana
2:33:05NBC native ad: Big Mac inventor Jim Delligatti dead at 98; hot toy Hatchimals tip: “Target is staffed round the clock”; Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz stepping down
2:39:42Europol predicts attacks over the holidays; violence at Copenhagen anti-immigrant protest; Muslims get free rein to speak out against homosexuality in Netherlands