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882 Fact Check False (2016-12-01)

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0:00:00ACC: “Stop fooling yourself!” (0:43:28)
0:00:34Crazy YouTuber laugh iso; Lindsey Graham & John MaCain trying to amend JASTA at behest of Saudi Arabia; Erdoğan spins up anti-Assad Operation Euphrates Shield
0:08:10Somali Abdul Razak Ali Artan car & knife attacks at Ohio State; Dr. Sebastian Gorka: “the phrase lone wolf is designed to make Americans stupid”
0:12:50Podcast on CBS Bull; NPR Politics Podcast on Trump illegal voting tweet, “fact check false”; William Cohen on media hype over tweets, Andrea Mitchell agrees media “almost irrelevant”; Angela Rye on tweets “legitimately scary to many of us”, “we feel like we potentially elected a dictator”, Pooper: “doesn’t he have, like, a briefing book on ISIS to be reading?”
0:28:06ACC on Dolly Parton Christmas show irritable bowel ads; jaw-dropping Opdivo side effect list; The View on Cuban lung cancer “vaccine” threatened by Trump
0:32:42Josh Earnest on Carrier deal: “804 more times” to exceed “saved or created” record; NA 321 Obama “whole bunch of jobs”; Carrier parent United Technologies’ $6.5bn in federal contracts
0:41:46John Oliver on climate change 97% vs Trump University “instantly fishy” 98%
0:44:44ACC tweeting Gayane Chichakyan, Muslim Brotherhood verified; Chichakyan on CENTCOM’s September 15 airstrike investigation, US-Russia hotline unanswered for 27 minutes, wrong location given to Russia, Pentagon spokeshole Peter Cook: “no plans at this point to cooperate with Russia in that way”; H.R.5732 Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act
0:55:13UK RT and Sputnik hearings, EU resolution revisited; Robert Gates Trump walkback, blames Russia for Brexit; Craig Timberg on “legions of botnets” tweeting each other, JCD: “they’ve got seven followers”, “a fake coup in Turkey”, JCD: “is this guy insane?!
1:11:54Senators urge Obama to declassify Russia election information; Obama Rolling Stone interview, “advice for Hillary”, Laura Ingraham on “infantile” Obama blaming cable news: “you just got shellacked”, “Fox News in every bar and restaurant”, “common set of facts”
1:21:20Producer Segment
1:33:08Tip: conceal baby’s gender for “big-ticket stuff”; Metreon theater evacuated over handgun
1:35:42Justin Trudeau gushes over Fidel Castro, analyst: “intellectual heft of cotton candy”; Canadian doctors potentially moving to US to avoid new taxes; JCD on Castro’s CIA ties
1:39:25Palm Springs golf tournament paying Clinton Foundation disproportionately; German money for East Africa routed through Foundation; socialists eyeing one of four EU presidencies; EU’s “biggest defense funding and research plan in more than a decade”; “power plan” to ditch coal
1:54:20Thomas Friedman to BBC on Trump and climate change: “Mother Nature always bats last”; NPR “tipping point”, Johns Hopkins’ Travis Rieder hyping population control; The View on birth control: “I thought the amendment said you can’t do that”, Whoopi “get outta my…”
2:06:55PBS Finding Your Roots scrubs slave-owning “Ben Afflect” ancestor
2:09:40Brazilian soccer team crash “leaked audio” meme, ACC: “everyone did their job, a bad day”
2:15:09Producer note on Breitbart being targeted for advertiser pullout; NA subreddit ACC abuse
2:18:53Donation Segment: JCD coca leaf tips for Machu Picchu altitude sickness
2:29:34Alex Jones on suffering from mold allergy: “this isn’t Kansas, folks, this isn’t normal”
2:32:27Second Half of Show: Buzz Aldrin in Antarctica with Kerry, ACC: “Nazi flying saucers”
2:36:10The New Yorker on Silicon Valley’s “empathy vacuum”; “tax cuts for the upper class” meme
2:41:28Jill Stein vs insider on recount; Ron Wyden’s last-ditch effort to derail Rule 41; Chinese news: US and British warships “useless tin cans” due to “Chinese killer chips”