Call Clooney!

881 Ant Wars (2016-11-27)

Show 881 album art
0:00:00ACC: (Scottish accent) “Buffoon! A buffoon I tell ye!” (1:59:16)
0:00:34Moldpocalypse in Austin; fake news weather report from JCD
0:03:06Christiane Amanpour’s Burton Benjamin Memorial Award acceptance speech: global warming “99.9% of the science”, apparent Bosnia mea culpa anecdote, Trump “savvy end-run around us”, “tsunami of fake news”, Russia hacking “crucial democratic experiences”, “heil victory meeting”; JCD on journalistic echo chamber meetings, ACC story: 1995-ish Tribune meeting with condescending managing editor, Craigslist turned down by San Francisco Examiner
0:20:38Andrea Mitchell: “when he talks about my struggle, that’s Mein Kampf”; NYT reporters letting down their guard on podcasts, Maggie “many many” Haberman on Trump’s demeanor in interview, mysterious “one thing Obama is very afraid of”, “marveling” at question-asking techniques, no proof of Steve Bannon anti-Semitism, JCD on Bannon’s Goldman Sachs background and Seinfeld money, disgust at NYT-Breitbart comparison, “so there was that”, Trump: call me if you find out something about Bannon, “seductive” Trump
0:40:58RT on Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year “post-truth”: “we’ve destroyed countries based on lies”, “filter bubble”; “fake news” blacklist in Washington Post, “allies” Snopes & Bellingcat; Stephen Cohen on Trump détente, Clinton “neo-McCarthyism … beyond disgusting”; U-2 Dragon Lady flying again; Chen on Putin pressured over trading Ukraine for Syria; CNN’s special U-2 access, ACC: “to me that sounded like a sales job”
0:58:28Gayane Chichakyan irritates Kirby with question about NATO buildup, “defensive alliance”, blames Russia, Matt Lee on missile defense for Iran vs Iran deal; JCD on “defensive” Libya activity; Jens Stoltenberg pounding the drum for increased European defense spending; ACC Red Book: European Iron Dome; John Dickerson on parallels between Trump & Andrew Jackson, “by their abuse they shall elect me”; JCD: Amanpour not lying, she’s “a lunatic”
1:12:32Producer Segment: Lawrence Lessig Electoral College op-ed;
1:36:41Michael Flynn fired by Clapper; ACC’s pick for Secretary of State: Dan Quayle; Trump waterboarding stance changed after consultation with James Mattis; Trump friend Anthony Scaramucci incorrectly claims Elton John will perform at inauguration, Green Day lyrics change; mellow Mike Pence on “Hamiltongate”, reassurance for public, “history buff” laugh
1:51:57CNN freakout over Don Lemon defending Charles Kaiser’s use of “nigger” (CotD)
1:57:31Parliament Trump “buffoon” revisited; Nigel Farage to Carol CNN on ambassadorship
2:04:16Supercolony formation in Ethiopian ant species Lepisiota canescens; Argentinian “ant wars”
2:09:34Trump excludes press from Japanese Prime Minister meeting, petulent press boycotts “handout photo”; Obama White House’s lousy record, “we’ve given the tools of journalism, including Twitter, to the presidents and the candidates”, ACC: “you’re watching the slow-motion demise of the press”, JCD on newspaper joint operating agreements in 1970s; ACC proposes single standards body, JCD: “it would accelerate their demise”
2:18:09Donation Segment
2:26:36Massively racist Dutch “monkey” hate mail for Sylvana Simons over Zwarte Piet activism; Erdoğan threatens to open border gates over EU membership vote; Bulgarian refugee camp riot, smallpox warnings; European Christmas events “more dangerous than ever”, MI5: “severe” threat, Jordan safer than Europe, man on the street guesses “Canadia” is safer (CotD)
2:40:40“Love & light” for Florence Henderson; NASCAR’s Brad Keselowski on athletes going broke
2:45:33NPR Science Friday on massaging kale; California cities passing Netflix taxes