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880 Promise to Prosecute (2016-11-24)

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0:00:00JCD: “Boom, that’s off the table.” (1:41:59)
0:00:35ACC & TtK dinner with sick Andrew Horowitz, “maybe the hookah was not a great idea”
0:03:18SPLC’s Ryan Lenz on “drain the swamp” meme from “white supremacists who exist on Twitter”, LeBron James “posse” controversy; advice from Charles Kaiser for Trump lest he “stimulate the alt-right”, “six-pointed Jewish star” tweet, Pence “the most homophobic man in American public life”, Brooke Baldwin “nigger” hysteria, “it is not okay”; fake news jingles
0:16:17Howard Dean calls Steve Bannon a Nazi on CTV News; CNN’s Symone Sanders: “we don’t need white people leading the Democratic Party right now”; comic writer Tess Rafferty rant: “racism and homophobia and misogyny are all a spectrum, and you’re on it”; JCD plugs Papermate InkJoy pens; Rafferty: “I live in California, the largest economy in the United States … we’ll be fine”, JCD: “except for the potholes!”
0:34:23Pence conversion therapy myth revisited: “assistance to those seeking to change their sexual behavior”; Tim Allen to Megyn Kelly on being bullied for supporting Trump
0:46:07Angela Rye: “there should be reparations”; abolitionism and Republican-Democrat switcheroos, Norman Lear’s evil Republican Archie Bunker; NYU’s Jonathan Haidt on the left’s anti-nationalism, globalists “all over the world … doing things that trigger an authoritarian reaction”, “identity politics on the left eventually triggers identity politics on the right”; Texas Tech professor on global reach of Western civilization, disappearance from university curricula
1:06:45Mimi’s visit with dogs and “dry goods” after 15 hours of No Agenda
1:10:44Producer Segment:; No Agenda iMessage stickers
1:29:00Female NBC reporters “butt-slamming” Trump; Richard Engel on Aleppo hospital bombing with incubators meme, coaches witness with “food is running out”; Gayane “Kirby shit list” Chichakyan misfire; NBC’s Hallie Jackson spins Trump “she should be locked up” as broken promise, ACC: Obama pardon dodge; Trump’s “open mind” about climate deal condemned
1:47:08Alex Jones on “goblins”; Richard B. Spencer National Policy Institute “hail Trump” speech
1:55:35Theresa May to Parliament: “there must be no second referendum, no attempt to weasel out of this”; European Parliament resolution on Russian propaganda, RT editor: “now we see that this holy principle of freedom of speech is not really needed”, “development of capacity-building programs for media actors”, JCD: “the licensing comes next”, “legal initiatives”
2:10:39Aspen Institute panel: Washington Post’s editor Marty Baron on political bias in journalism; Google spokeshole Olivia Ma: “we absolutely cannot have any type of bias whatsoever”, repeated “many many”; Jenna Wortham on the algorithmic echo chamber
2:19:28Michael Flynn on Islam as “malignant cancer”; Howard Dean on Trump meeting with Tulsi Gabbard: “extremely ambitions with flexible principles”; Suck it up Buttercup jingle
2:26:00Donation Segment
2:36:56ACC on Pizzagate non-story: “this is an example of the hallucinations of the other side”
2:41:46Trump on classified 28 pages in early 2016: “I think you will find out when that’s opened … that Saudi Arabia had a lot to do with the ripping down of the World Trade Center”
2:46:34JCD Thanksgiving Segment: corny Obama turkey pardon stand-up routine, CNBC: “one of the great traditions”, PBS traces event to Reagan
2:58:56EU parliament votes to halt Turkey accession; dead soldier John Perry’s family booed over flight delay; producer on antimicrobial brass for ATM keypads, bloody tampon subway story
3:07:18Ellen DeGeneres’ Presidential Medal of Freedom mannequin challenge antics