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87 Knights of the No Agenda Armory (2009-04-08)

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0:00:36JCD in Pacific Northwest with unclothed Mimi walking around, Stickam camera on sock puppet, ACC on webcams and cybersex; oddball Wednesday afternoon/evening show
0:03:59Donation Segment; JCD: “I think we should start to bestow knighthoods” for $1000 donations, ACC proposes “Knights of the No Agenda Armory”, ceremony and certificate, ACC: “can we perhaps add some flatware to that?”, $1332 double $666
0:10:16Earthquake 60 miles east of Rome, seismology researcher’s warnings shut down by mayor, 1989 San Francisco earthquake also predicted; electrical grid penetrated by cyberspies, NERC North American Electric Reliability Corporation, ACC on absurdity of grid internet connectivity
0:15:59MV Maersk Alabama full of medical supplies grabbed by Somali pirates, Mimi relates points of interest in story, “I think the merchant ships need to get armed”
0:19:45Outrage over Obama bowing to Saudi King Abdullah; Dutch listener gets word of Baxter International tainted vaccine into article; UK residents 40-74 to submit to medical “fat test”, £5bn investment in NHS computerization, Ritalin identified as the perfect weight-loss drug
0:26:36G20 protester Ian Tomlinson dead after being pushed over from behind by British cop, unavailability of medical aid lie; JCD UK newspaper rundown, ACC: “they all suck!”; chimpanzees trade meat scraps for sex; TSA naked body scanners upgraded to millimeter-wave , “enhanced patdown” alternative
0:42:05Newt Gingrich on North Korea and “electromagnetic pulse capabilities”; Twitter and African drinking water; ACC’s pockets full of money for the homeless, JCD chewed out for giving to beggar, ACC’s house “where all the rich people live”;
0:57:34British Telecom blocking 35-40k attempted child pornography accesses per day; MarketWatch article on Goldman Sachs’ “luck”, Lloyd Blankfein’s shit-eating grin; One World Center vs Third World Center
1:04:15And Now Back to Real News: helicopter pilot loses license after in-flight fellatio incident with Swedish porn star, Miley Cyrus: I’m smarter than you think, Lindsay Lohan snubbed by Nicole Richie; White House Passover Seder, rumors of assassination attempt in Turkey, Dutch stolen bicycles joke, Germans digging holes on Dutch beaches; dolphins deafened by military sonar; Pittsburgh police shooting by conspiracy theorist Richard Poplawski
1:11:19Rep. Louis McFadden’s 1934 letter to Congress on the evils of the Federal Reserve, “world enslavement”; JCD’s local cookbook collection, “slumgullion”; JCD on “open-source radio”, open-source cola recipe with cocaine option; again flirting with three shows per week; Howard Stern fading into irrelevance
1:27:36ACC: No Agenda minions army listeners producers; stream request Twapp working smoothly; forum: Google trick; Dvorak Interlude vs mix tapes, “pace and flow”
1:35:04Outro: Pirate Radio with Philip Seymour Hoffman