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879 Coup Cabal (2016-11-20)

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0:00:00ACC: “Oh man! That’s disg… that’s disgusting!” (1:48:30)
0:00:37ACC’s new iPhone 7 in Florida; graphics card benchmark cheating; mic drop trigger warning; JCD grandchild Facebag announcement, “no, they got a poodle”, millennial safety pins
0:07:10Pervasive “fake news” meme; Buzzfeed real news trumped on social media, Obama on “serious arguments and propaganda”, fake vs real Facebag “engagements”; Zuckerberg note: “we take misinformation seriously”, “artificial intelligence to fight terrorism” vs privacy non sequitur
0:17:28Fake news from MSM: Mike Flynn for national security advisor, out of context “lock her up”, “fake news site” NYPD tweet; BBC lie: Flynn “likened the world’s second-largest religion to a malignant cancer” (CotD); CNN hysterical over Flynn’s RT appearance
0:26:37Angela Rye venerates Hamilton’s “openly gay HIV-positive man”, Don Lemon spotlight grab
0:30:58PBS pays tribute to price-fixing former Archer Daniels Midland CEO; Breitbart a “white supremacist misogynist organization”; Attorney General pick Jeff Sessions’ 1986 racism allegations, Andrea Mitchell on “Sessions’ vote to extend the Voting Rights Act”, JCD: “blast, blast, blast … but he also, he likes puppies”, Goodman: “vocal opponent of the Voting Rights Act”, JCD: “she’s lying”, Goodman pot vs marijuana “quote unquote”
0:42:15New Yorker editor on Trump-Obama meeting: Trump “shock and awe, to coin a phrase”; Trump honorary Cossack for “beautiful Slavic wife”; ACC proposes browser trigger plug-in
0:49:59Senate Oversight Committee grills James Clapper about report plagiarized from Wikipedia
0:55:53JCD: “xenophobia” potential word of the year; Whoopi on The View: “we’re not going anywhere!”, Joy Behar’s friend “a gay boy”, “we have to be the royal/loyal opposition”
1:03:15TtK’s Hill-bot friend, general fear of violence and Bush-Cheney orange alerts, JCD diagnoses No Agenda aversion, ACC: “when I was a kid, the scariest thing for me was the ouija board”
1:09:15Producer Segment
1:20:54Sidney Blumenthal blames “cabal of right-wing agents of the FBI”, “not unfair to call it a coup”, Giuliani the “coup-meister”, “coup cabal”; Harry Reid blames “Republican operative” Comey, “if he feels good about that, that’s nice”; CNN on terrorized children and mothers, “it just doesn’t look like any reality they believed they were living”; Jess McIntosh on women voting for Trump: “internalized misogyny is a real thing”
1:31:40Dinner with TtK’s Trump-voting friends, JCD on Twitter cross-bubble investigation
1:34:45Gonna Read Facebag: “unbearably sad, sad thoughts” over gay Trump-voting couple
1:38:17Jon Stewart: US “multicultural democracy … by its founding and constitution”, Party for Socialism and Liberation; ACC on Lucille Ball’s power; we’re all gonna die from ATM microbes
1:48:46Producer Segment
1:55:54WHO: zika no longer an international emergency, Summer in Brazil
1:59:31Nigel Farage on EU do-overs and binding vs advisory referenda, JCD: Theresa May “bluffing”; snooper’s charter set to become law, Open Rights Group’s Jim Killock: May’s privacy assurances “nonsense representation”; JCD story: 1990s Interpol phone tracking presentation
2:08:26Chris Hansen’s Crime Watch Daily Tom Brokejaw impersonation: “courtesy of yours trulyy”
2:10:48Julian Assange MIA; questionable 4chan “Pizzagate”
2:16:22NewsHour on Cop22 Marrakech with Vox “journalist”; JCD ten-minute ACC memorial show
2:22:17WA pot sales closing in on booze; Bill O’Reilly on CA “medical marijuana ruse”; Citibank & UBS push for elimination of Australian $100 & $50 bills; addled Shelley Duvall interviewed by reprehensible charlatan Dr. Phil; Stanford marching band’s Berkeley ban