Call Clooney!

878 Pet a Pony (2016-11-17)

Show 878 album art
0:00:00JCD: “Yi-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi!” (0:11:27)
0:00:37JCD’s noisy road construction; ACC in Florida Sunday
0:01:49Trump transition team rumor and innuendo; the Morning Joe cute couple, Christie & Rogers out, “Stalinesque purge” meme, Joe: “did they shoot people?”, Trump “I am the only one who knows who the finalists are” reality show; feigned shock at Giuliani’s work abroad; Clapper also out; “sanctimoniously smug” Rachel Maddow falsetto “so this is an unusual development”, Jared Kushner’s query about White House staff staying, “woo-hoo!”, Obama “training wheels”
0:14:04NBC on “turmoil” & “fiefdoms”; Warren: Steve Bannon “a man who says, by his very presence, that this is a White House that will embrace bigotry”; Morgan State University professor: “white supremacist with ties to terrorist organizations” like Klan; JCD deconstructs Warren
0:23:49Conflicts of interest from “tangled web of business ties”, Katy Tur: “Trump is now his own landlord” with D.C. hotel; security clearance for children denied on Twitter; “500 companies in 27 countries” vs Trump’s broke meme; NATO pullout “idea … [Trump] will not fulfill”; NBC Imperial News “Trump transition in turmoil” intro, absurd security clearance “contradiction”
0:35:21Carrier’s Mexico move, aggressive “we’ll hold you accountable” cherry-picked man on the street, moves “fact of life”, retraining programs, Trump “gamble” in dingy pool hall
0:41:06ACC: Michael Meese for SecDef, journalists reviewed for briefing access, “press purge”, The Purge movie; Rolling Stones unforthcoming about Trump; protesters “don’t need a president”
0:48:28Producer Segment: KC1EER’s list of 33 things she loves about No Agenda
1:14:19Media hissy fit over being “given the slip”, breaking news: “Donald Trump has dinner”, millennial journal: “matter of national security”; Bloomberg: “major break in protocol”, JFK invoked; MSNBC on Trump “making a run for it in the dark New York night”, ACC: “they hate the fact that they are not in control”; Hollywood Reporter editor: “it’s not about us”
1:25:28Pro-Trump millennial rant: “you edit it, right?”, “a good man, with a good awesome heart, that traveled the world, feeding the kids, you f… motherf…” (CotD)
1:27:52FDR’s secret Manhattan train; JCD story: Alexander Mackenzie’s press-ditching secret door
1:30:27RCMP seeks warrantless access to subscriber data; repealing of Section 159 sodomy law; Donald Sutherland & Jesse Watters accused of white privilege; feedback on campus millennials
1:43:51Obama pissing off guests at Berlin’s Adlon Hotel; top papers reporting only on Air Force One; rioting during Greece visit, Obama blathers about Trump & Sanders, “suspicion of elites”; Juncker calls for “European headquarters” for military “in complement with NATO”
1:51:25Swedish prosecutor questions Assange; EU whistleblower oversight; ACC on doomed Twitter
2:01:26Donation Segment
2:13:45Mike Rogers: WikiLeaks “conscious effort by a nation-state”; Chichakyan pesters Kirby for list of hospitals hit by Russia, “once again, you’re just wrong”, Matt to the rescue, “state-owned outlet” like BBC; Kerry-prompted withdrawal of Russian jets disaster for Aleppo
2:25:58Leaked British memo: six months for Brexit strategy, JCD on poorly-named Labour, raucous Corbyn vs May in Parliament session; Merkel Obama op-ed: “whole-world community”
2:33:5666% of Trump protest arrestees didn’t vote; Iowa “Suck it Up Buttercup” bill author: in real life “you don’t get to go to a cry zone, you don’t get to pet a pony”, “spoiled brat” blockades
2:38:18Prescient Kids in the Hall art class sketch: “naked fat black crippled dykes are hard to find”
2:41:43Federalist No. 68 on Electoral College; Hillary intro as “our president”; Cook & Los Angeles counties; RT & Ed Schultz on Newsweek & South Park misfires, “what have you done?!” iso