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875 No Brexit For You (2016-11-06)

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0:00:00JCD: “You have to just assume that Hillary is a devil worshipper…” (0:44:37)
0:00:35ACC loses Weiner suicide wager; WikiLeaks #33 for election day, 33 ubiquitous in e-mails
0:03:01Hillary as the Wicked Witch of the West in Florida downpour; Jay Z & Beyonce introduce Hillary, “hello Cleveland!”, Gayle King gushes over Beyonce, Trump: “we don’t need Jay Z to fill up arenas”; PBS deconstructs 100% Obama outcomes in Philadelphia precincts
0:14:50Ana Marie Cox accuses FBI of institutional racism, “women and people of color are gonna save this nation”; David Brooks: dumb people are for Trump, “people are just going with their gene pool”; Amy “Shamer”: don’t be a “steamy dump” by not voting, JCD: “more vocal fry, please!”; Funny or Die expletive-laden We Are the World parody
0:24:48Podesta “dump all those emails” interpretations; Assange predicts Trump loss, Saudi Arabia & Qatar funding ISIS; Charles Krauthammer on Clinton “dump … hide … cover” instinct
0:32:09Herridge on Obama’s server knowledge of server; Hillary’s maid printing classified documents
0:36:12Trump “targeting Jews” in final video picturing Soros, Yelen, and Blankfein
0:43:52Podesta invited by brother Tony to “Spirit Cooking dinner”; Tony Podesta’s Katy Grannan nude teenagers in bedroom; Anthony Weiner checks into sex addition clinic, Eric Prince on NYPD evidence connecting Clintons to Epstein “sex island”; Jimmy Savile & Joris Demmink
0:59:06Producer Segment: ACC discovers hearing loss; ACC memorializes soldiers killed in Jordan
1:21:33Trump attacker Austyn Crites a Hillary shill; reporter surprised by Reno rally atmosphere, “polite if a little defensive”; Obama interrupted by protester in uniform on “insults POWs” cue, “hold up!” repeated 21 times, “everybody sit down and be quiet for a second!”, “he’s not doin’ nothin’”, “it looks like maybe he might have served in our military and we gotta respect that” (CotD); deterring Trump-hating sign-stealers; Sarandon “I don’t vote with my vagina”
1:38:40Erdoğan rounds up Selahattin Demirtas and other pro-Kurdish HDP leaders
1:44:55British court: Article 50 requires Parliamentary vote; EU still moving ahead on Ukraine in spite of Netherlands; JCD on WTO’s globalist agenda, recommends Jacque Ellul’s The Technological Society, ACC reads from Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How by Ted Kaczynski; patriotic News Night plays God Save the Queen — the Sex Pistols version
1:53:10Rolling Stone found guilty of defamation in retracted sexual assault story; taxpayers on the hook after St. Paul police kick and unleash dog on innocent man
2:00:42YouTuber’s advertising pulled over refusal to endorse Hillary
2:02:49Donation Segment
2:13:04Trump refugees may want to think twice after Quebec journalist police eavesdropping revealed
2:13:54Wells Fargo “making things right” ad; New York banker: Saudis would never dump treasuries over 28 pages law, $17bn Saudi bond in face of huge budget cuts, purchase of 20 F-35s
2:19:45Park Geun-hye influence-peddling scandal; ACC cooking for RMH families on Thanksgiving; Muslims protest Jakarta’s Christian governor; possible al-Qaeda election eve attacks
2:24:30Comey celebrates Operation Cross Country child sex trafficking crackdown; New Life Children’s Refuge arrests with 33 children in Haiti, Laura Silsby in Podesta e-mails
2:29:53Military NROL, LROL, AROL drills with FEMA; supposed five million Cubs celebrants
2:32:39Electoral college deadlock contingency procedure clarified; White Helmet protest at UK Russian embassy with pile of mannequin limbs; Washington corrections to ditch politically incorrect “offender” term; Denver to retry 1987 rape case; John Kerry headed to Antarctica
2:45:25Harvard men’s soccer season cancelled over women’s team “scouting report”