Call Clooney!

874 Trump Trope (2016-11-03)

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0:00:00JCD: “Hey man, that’s cool, the President’s saying come on man!” (1:02:15)
0:00:38“Confucius say” gems from Marty Higgins, banned from Facebag for Trump comment
0:02:00Iraq threatening war if Turkey sends troops into Mosul
0:03:52Moral self-licensees “checking in” at Dakota Access Pipeline on Facebag; green icons for Iran
0:07:15ACC’s World Series prediction and stupid tweet, JCD: “sports idiot savant”, Billy Goat Tavern
0:09:33Jake Tapper on scenario where Comey “sat on information … and then there was something, there was really there there”, James Carville asserts KGB involvement in spite of 1991 dissolution, “are we gonna let the KGB and the House Republicans inside this election?”
0:14:56Clueless Gayle King wonders why no one has investigated Trump’s Russia ties on the heels of Norah O’Donnell reporting FBI found no Trump Russia ties; April Ryan to Chris Hayes: “you just wonder” about MLK parallel; Morning Joe on Lynch & Comey butting heads; Podesta “buddy” Peter J. Kadzick DoJ deputy director; post-letter Lynch-Comey meeting
0:22:43Fake “Hillary doesn’t shower” e-mails; Jeffrey Toobin on Florida recount revisited; FBI releases FOIA-ed Marc Rich $2M presidential pardon documents, Toobin: “bizarre” coincidence; Pelosi on Comey “double standard”, “I know it privately because of being hacked by the Russians”, need to weather election “and just see what the casualties are along the way”; Craig Murray: WikiLeaks e-mails from “within official circles in Washington D.C.”
0:31:30Bret Baier: Hillary indictment “likely”, Mills and Samuelson laptops “being exploited”, re-interviews, “avalanche” of pay-for-play evidence daily; Clinton Foundation’s unreleased 2015 financials; Steve Pieczenik on internet “counter-coup” against Clintons & cronies, intel producers: operatives “going dark”; Uncle Don’s voting history
0:46:45October surprises; Time Magazine Robin Lakoff “Emailgate is a bitch hunt” diatribe
0:53:41Obama message “to the guys out there”, “powerful line” that Michelle is his superior; “imagine what you’ll do when you actually have the power to violate the Constitution”; at White House Halloween: “young man, no selfies in the middle of me talking”; to those “punchin’ a clock”: “he wouldn’t let you into one of his hotels unless you were cleanin’ the room, come on!”, JCD on “come on, man!” sports trope, “don’t be bamboozled … don’t run for that okey-doke!”
1:05:04JCD on college counselors legally barred from advising against student loans
1:06:41Producer Segment
1:13:22Skittish markets due to election; former New York banker: Comey the “fixer”, almost dated argumentative Cheryl Mills, JCD recommends Clooney’s Michael Clayton
1:19:33Hillary electioneering in Florida; drunk or not drunk screeching “we are not going backwards!”; Huma Abedin backgrounder, “just knock on the door to the bedroom”; ACC on “must-watch” Weiner documentary: first date debacle; Lionel YouTube rant sympathetic to downtrodden Weiner; ACC: “you can tell that she hates him” from documentary; JCD “call for help” callback and 15-year-old, Huma’s life insurance folder theory
1:29:28Donna Brazile’s latest debate question leak; MSNBC crew member account of Hillary backstage meltdown over Lauer’s e-mail question, “most foul-mouthed woman I have ever heard”, calls Brazile “brain-dead buffalo”; “why was she fired” to Brooke Baldwin: “there was some sort of termination … that is way way above my pay grade”; John Klein to Megyn Kelly on pundits like Brazile: “we know what the Punch and Judy puppets are going to say every time”
1:38:17“Defense Minister” Ash Carter kicks off DoD OIG Speakers Bureau Program; Russian aircraft carrier “belching smoke” with breakdown tug, ACC: perfect false flag fodder
1:42:42ABC on burned black church with “vote Trump” graffiti, Ku Klux Klan paper endorsement, Utah & Ohio gravitating to Trump, possibilities in Pennsylvania & Wisconsin, electoral tie “nightmare scenario”; ACC’s message from Joe Biden, questionable “we’re losing” tactic; Trump “secret Russian server” debunked as hotel spammer; Trump encourages changing early ballots in Wisconsin; Rachel Maddow near tears over Comey letter, on vote changing: “knock yourself out”; MSNBC “I still want their votes”, “full 24 hours” KKK memes; ABC “this race is tightening” money grab, “dead heat” in its own poll
1:56:12Latest Chantix side effects rundown, “get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke”, 10% better than placebo moved to text; late-night show pseudo-native ads resurrected, ABC native ad for Amazon Black Friday deals, Jay Carney now at Amazon
2:03:25Donation Segment
2:09:11Country Music Awards viewership down 24% thanks to World Series
2:10:22ACC cough theories: NTM nontuberculous mycobacteria in “white, thin, postmenopausal women”, Airbnb shower head mist, Horowitz’ similar symptoms; zika infertility; polio-like AFM acute flaccid myelitis with “89 confirmed cases in 33 states”; Legionnaires’ disease tweet
2:17:06American Airlines “uncontained engine failure”, JCD: “they never talk about the engine maker”, can’t piss off NBC over GE engine
2:21:24Pulse nightclub shooting police audio released, “my name is Islamic Soldier, okay?”, killing of Abu Wahib, “you’re going to see more of this type of action going on”
2:26:24Crappy roads in California; Gina McCarthy: “I don’t check out Flat Earth Society and I’m not talking to climate deniers, that’s it”; Bono on Glamor Women of the Year roster, ACC: “I wouldn’t want him at my birthday party”
2:31:54Brexit regret tops leave victory margin, ACC: “do over!”; Mimi’s birthday coming up