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873 Poster Boys of Evil (2016-10-30)

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0:00:00ACC: “Hey, we got a donor from Nigeria!” (1:25:10)
0:00:35JCD’s “Aristotle say”; welcome to No Agenda year ten
0:01:05Weinergate & Pussygate; drunk or not drunk Joe Biden: “Oh, God … I should not comment on Anthony Weiner”, “Anthony Weimer… Weiner”; “life insurance” folder; “Weiner the beard” theory, JCD: “when you get caught three times, that’s a cry for help”; Comey’s letter to Congress a “political nightmare” for Hillary, “pertinent” definition; “legal consequence” meme
0:15:0318 U.S.C. §2071 disqualification from office; National Adjudicated Guidelines for Security Clearances; Tim Ryan Russia fail; Podesta e-mail recap; Bernstein: Hillary should go to FBI
0:27:51Joy Reid to Steve Cortes: Huma “printing things out for her boss and … being married to a creep”, panel laughs at Bernstein, “your witness”, April Ryan “procedure” meme, “he said … that he would not charge Hillary Clinton” lie, “they can’t use Google”; Hillary lies about letter going to Republicans, “effete” Robbie Mook’s “duplicates” talking point
0:36:30Jake Tapper asks Podesta about Tim Kaine “highest standards of integrity” clip about Comey
0:39:18Trump to Stephanopolous on regrets: “you would have loved not to have contributed to the Clinton Foundation, as an example, there are things you wish you didn’t do, okay?” (CotD)
0:40:32Podesta baffled by evidence of Huma Judicial Watch perjury; Napolitano talks espionage; Hillary dodges trust question; Geraldo “tradition” meme, “there must be some there there”
0:53:41Aviation incidents at O’Hare, Fort Lauderdale, and Mike Pence’s plane at La Guardia, ATC: “Eastern, stop, stop Eastern!”, ACC: “everybody walks away, (claps) good landing”
0:59:10Red Book: Anthony Weiner suicide; Bill Clinton vs Anthony Weiner shootout scenario
1:02:19Producer Segment
1:11:08MD Green Party candidate removed from debate stage; Putin: “is the US banana republic?”; Pussy Riot back on NPR with Make America Great Again; RT: Assange called Russian spy, “the two poster boys of evil walking hand-in-hand to destroy the US”; Podesta phished
1:25:32IARPA Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity, ACC: “it’s all spooks”
1:28:47Refugee camps in Paris after Calais Jungle shutdown; Josh Earnest on Obama meeting refugees in Europe; NATO still moving on Russian border; Victoria Nuland in Cyprus interfering with Russian fleet refueling, Admiral Kuznetsov specs; new Tunisian drone base, ACC’s Nigerian driver all-in on US schemes in Africa; US & Israel abstain from UN Cuba embargo vote
1:40:34Efforts nationwide to get the vote for illegal immigrants “newcomers”
1:45:20Oregon militia acquittal, Ammon Bundy’s lawyer tased for yelling at judge
1:49:00ESPN could lose 4M subscribers per year to cord-cutting; ACC’s new digital antenna
1:56:34Donation Segment: ACC’s Ridgecrest ClearLungs; JCD story about Brazilian voice remedy
2:06:52Tech News: JCD’s fake iPhone 7 from Charbax; ACC replaces “panda phone” with iPhone 7; Tim Cook: “we’re gonna kill cash”, JCD’s slow chip & pin card, credit card machine and “bucket with great stuff” unearthed in cleaning projects, ACC: “any dead hookers or anything?”; ACC replaces damaged TV after attempted degaussing with electric mixer
2:24:35Trump sign booby traps; Jim Walsh “grabbing his musket”; reenlistment bonus assassinations
2:27:34$300 stolen nationwide in IRS back taxes scam, savvy refuser SWATted, JCD discusses tactics
2:31:03ACC informal poll in insurance hikes, short term policies; Josh Earnest downplays costs
2:34:21Katie Hopkins trounces CNN’s Hala Gorani in “Clinton News Network” catfight
2:41:42AT&T $85bn Time-Warner merger; WWF: 23 of species gone by 2020 in sixth mass extinction
2:46:11ACC wagers $5 on Anthony Weiner suicide before next show; ACC’s World Series prediction