Call Clooney!

872 Kinetic Kill (2016-10-27)

Show 872 album art
0:00:00ACC: (Screeching)
0:00:34JCD swaps in Plato for Confucius; ninth anniversary; KTVU: tropical moisture “jet fuel”
0:06:14CVC’s Roman Reigns action figure opened by TSA; JCD stories: Roger McGuinn’s hole-punched guitar, JFK woman’s two missing cases of Gaja; Wikipedia: ACC a Trump supporter
0:12:04Little Brexit effect on British economy, IMF admits “too pessimistic”, predicts fastest growth; ACC can’t edit his Wikipedia photo; Sheila Jackson Lee confuses Wikipedia for WikiLeaks
0:15:24Don Lemon on Trump “signs of life in the polls”; Les Moonves on “phenomenal” ad revenue
0:18:46Obamacare spokesholes trying to distract from open enrollment, Jonathan Gruber: “working as designed”, need bigger penalty, “disruptive innovation”, increase premiums to decrease them, “ups and downs of a new market”; clueless CBS asks “what happened?”
0:27:14Debbie Wasserman Schultz Obamacare talking points; ACC’s 30% plan, JMD’s $30k incisionless appendectomy; 25% increase & single providers; Angela Rye blames Republican repeal efforts; ACC’s $1100 per month to get on TtK’s insurance; CVC’s rationed knee MRI in UK
0:41:39PBS on white nationalism in Southern Indiana; JCD on D “surrogate” vs R “operative”
0:47:03Producer Segment
0:54:51Newt Gingrich: Megyn Kelly “fascinated with sex”, Kelly: “you can take your anger issues and spend some time working on them, Mr. Speaker” with wanking gesture (CotD); Hillary calling on women “to help finish off her opponent”, Elizabeth Warren “nasty women” tirade
1:04:09Evan McMullen admits aim to prevent election of “true authoritarian” Trump; Stony Brook professor’s model predicts Trump win; curt “no” to Trump “path to victory” question
1:09:49Michael Moore on Trump’s appeal to former middle class, Trump win “the biggest fuck you ever recorded in human history”; porn star Jessica Drake who turned down Trump $10k dinner
1:18:54Sally Kohn on election fraud allegations: “this isn’t okhaay any more, I’m with the nasty woman in the pantsuit, this is hhhorrible!”, “because it’s not happening!” screech
1:23:33Tech News: big MacBook touch bar reveal with Apple beatniks snapping fingers
1:24:57Democracy Now on poll showing half of Republicans will reject election result if Trump loses; Brolf to Kellyanne Conway: I’m worried about young journalists who are “very scared”; JCD on destruction of Trump’s Hollywood star, Trump sign vandals, ACC’s MTV blooper reel
1:33:39Kirby asked about lobbyist Heather Podesta’s $19bn work for Qatar; ACC predicts Al Gore UN ambassador; “grim milestone” 400ppm “44% more CO2 than before the industrial revolution”
1:40:50Clapper on Russian no-fly response: “I wouldn’t put it past them to shoot down an American aircraft”; NATO’s buildup on Russian borders; changed “who gets shot down” narrative; FSA colonel on jets dropping barrel bombs; Russian goodies at Airshow China 2016
1:52:55“The ISIL makes extensive use of drones”, “kinetic kill”; NCIS busts the CIA goons again; 1970s The Secrets of Isis TV show intro
2:02:01Producer Segment
2:26:40Government Accounting Standards Board and why the bond market will collapse in 2017
2:33:35JCD bitches about Twitter’s new search algorithm; “LGBTPlus”, GLAAD style guide endorses “LGBTQ”, queer “no precise definition”; Showtime’s Shameless: “triracial cisgendered girlfag”
2:43:18No Christmas lights in Swedish towns; Calais Jungle fire, RT protest vs PBS “custom”; French police protest over no-go zones, 2015 report on US no-go “enclaves”; Nuland in Cyprus
2:57:53Chinese crap DDoS; ACC endorses Black Mirror; kneeling national anthem performer (CotD); beer delivered by self-driving truck, JCD: “seems like a gyp!” (JCDPPotD)