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871 New World Hackers (2016-10-23)

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0:00:00JCD: “I’ve seen a smart stove at Best Buy!” (2:42:12)
0:00:34No Confucius say; CVC visit funded by Dutch reality show, trip to the gun range, ACC: “I’m sure the Dutch will be appropriately horrified”; ACC deletes his clips
0:07:12Kirkuk funeral bombing only covered by RT; Assad blamed for chlorine barrel bombs, “crimes of historic proportions”; PBS on Ash Carter’s Iraq visit, help from Kurds declined, Aleppo bombardment resumes; 101st Airborne on front lines, Hillary e-mail spelling out who’s getting what weaponry, intel community expects Chris Stevens e-mail, “Chris Smith” subject line
0:16:32David Goodfriend on leaked e-mail “discrepancies”, “I can’t talk about it here on Fox”, “say on the air, Bill, that you don’t like Russia trying to interfere with our election!”, odd whimper
0:23:21Two Obamas theory revisited; JCD on secret laws; Obama mother-in-law pension story called into question; half-brother Malik Obama: “he’s changed”, “sucked into that matrix”
0:31:20NBC asks why Trump “bombed so badly” at Smith Dinner; CNN: “singe but don’t burn”
0:37:23Maria Bartiromo grills Zeke Emanuel on Obamacare failure, “look, I agree, the fact of the matter is…”, “when you go into a new market, every business expects to lose some money at the start”, blames Republicans, Bartiromo having none of it
0:42:03ACC cyber sounds for ABC DDoS report, “extremely sophisticated and complex”; Josh Earnest: “the rules of the road when it comes to cybersecurity … are not well-established” non-answer; migration of vulnerabilities to “smart tech” like “refrigerators, stoves, security systems”, chatroom all-in on smart stoves; KTVU explanation fail, “malware code”; PBS on New World Hackers and DVRs; JCD on microservice architecture; Kodi Fire TV Stick hack
0:59:37Producer Segment: Duke Nussbaum provides his own jingle
1:14:49Belgian Wallonia region blocking CETA ratification; Soros on Nazi occupation of Hungary: “happiest year of my life”; Jill Stein tweets two pipelines article; Podesta e-mail proposing Kirkuk Ceyhan pipeline reversal and laundering the money through the Federal Reserve
1:34:37Jeff Greenfield on “turning point” first debate vs Trump “looking forward” to it (JCDPPotD); Ash Carter refuses to respond on Hillary’s four minutes to nuclear launch, another missed opportunity for Trump, JCD: “I think she just made it up”
1:41:12Carl Bernstein on “neofascist sociopath” Trump’s “neofascist media empire”, JCD Red Book: Roger Ailes deal; ABC rewrites history a bit with Al Gore’s 2000 “gracious concession speech”, “thank you Al Gore” chant, Stephanopoulos: “a real act of patriotism by Al Gore”; election crisis could make Joe Biden president; Biden wants to take Trump “behind the gym”
1:55:23EPA report finds agency acted seven months late on Flint lead contamination
1:57:02Department of Defense orders 10k+ veterans to repay reenlistment bonuses
2:01:33Josh Earnest on Rodrigo Duterte causing “unnecessary certainty” in relations
2:03:43NYT taking up podcasting, “audio is part of the future because it attracts young people”
2:10:37Donation Segment: Harf eggs with Lee sauce
2:22:02Chicago police corruption story from The Intercept; JCD on Jon Zilber’s pun headlines
2:27:25“Sister Spring”: “acme” caused by “what little boys do in the bedroom at night” (CotD)
2:28:41Feedback on Evan McMullin and LDS refusal to endorse candidates; NA numerology origin
2:34:093300 migrants rescued in Italy, attack by Libyan Coast Guard; Wonder Woman licensed by EU, Lynda Carter to Gayle King: “it’s about fighting for freedom”
2:42:38“Aaargh, thanks Obama!”, “a lot of hysteria” over premiums; US ship warned off Paracel Islands; psoriasis medication Taltz can cause inflammatory bowel disease