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870 Yeezy Squeezy (2016-10-20)

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0:00:00JCD: “But do we need the Gestapo?” (1:01:44)
0:00:32No Confucius say; ACC’s painful pulled muscle from lingering cough; ACC watches debate at podcaster Lance Armstrong’s house, Armstrong’s wife all-in on no-fly zone, JCD: “you don’t save a lot of lives in World War Three”; Armstrong’s command of Dutch profanity
0:12:44Hillary’s clothing and hair dispute, JCD: “she looked like a giant bowl of mashed potatoes”, Trump’s bad tie and bad lighting; Hillary’s best line: Orlando shooter born in “the same place Donald was born”; supposed Second Amendment support “doesn’t mean that I want people who shouldn’t have guns to be able to threaten you — kill you or members of your family”, 33k people per year meme, D.C. trying to “protect toddlers from guns”, 21k suicides ignored
0:25:09Trump urges Hillary to “give back the money”, JCD on “certain countries” mistake, “what’s happened in Haiti with the Clinton Foundation is a disgrace”, Hillary “ninety percent” lie, “highest ratings from the watchdogs”, “thirty million dollars” for Haiti; Hillary claims “open borders” comment was about energy, blames Russia for WikiLeaks; odd Trump “I didn’t even apologize to my wife” non sequitur; “Bill Clinton is a rapist” on C-SPAN call-in
0:41:41Mika Brzezinski on history of Democrat election rigging allegations; Washington Free Beacon Democrat “rigged”-fest; Krauthammer on “political suicide”; Joy Reid: “it’s feeding the Breitbart people who feel that black people are stealing our elections, that’s all it is”
0:51:50Howard Dean on FBI 302 “quid pro quo”: “this is innuendo leaked by the Russians”, “there’s no there there”; Prague hacker arrest, JCD: “the FBI is like the Gestapo”
1:02:38Christine Quinn on Project Veritas video: “it would never happen Hillary’s Clinton campaign”; Josh Earnest on “convicted felon” Robert Creamer’s 342 White House visits: “take those reports … not just with a grain of salt but maybe even a whole package of salt”, “bird-dogging”, “we shouldn’t have to resort to violence”; Creamer quitting so as not to be a “distraction”
1:12:19Donna Brazile meltdown with Megyn Kelly: “go to Russia” parting shot, subject change to talking points, keeps calling her “Kelly”, on debate question: “I did not receive any questions from CNN”, “as a Christian woman I understand persecution”, “you’re like a thief that wanna bring into the night the things that you found that was in the guttah”, “ma’am” switch
1:30:58Producer Segment
1:41:07Chris Cuomo: “it’s illegal to possess these stolen documents”; dropped satellite feed at mention of WikiLeaks; MIA “Paul Ryan sucks” chant; Hillary “killing black people” chant
1:45:30Eight-hour humanitarian pause in Aleppo, Vitaly Churkin on getting al-Nusra out; Gayane Chichakyan on State Department displaced civilians inconsistency: “shouldn’t have to leave” Aleppo vs “inevitable” in Mosul; Putin on Russia being used as an election “bargaining chip”
1:51:55Chelsea Clinton e-mail on Clinton Foundation spying, “Teneo hustling business”
2:00:48El Chapo judge assassinated; former CIA Mormon Evan McMullin for president; Hillary wins Scholastic News Magazine mock election; Kimmel man on the street with fake Yeezy shoes
2:13:51Radio stations’ streaming video with ads; NPR ratings up, ACC: “dude, it’s an election!”
2:16:20Donation Segment
2:25:16The Advocate declares Peter Thiel non-gay; Colorado school’s white privilege survey for staff; RT NatWest bank account shut down, The Economist editor declares RT writers unemployable
2:33:11Trump promises Polish visa waiver; San Leandro naked woman “Truth is Beauty” sculpture
2:37:16Justin Trudeau’s mother Margaret a former Studio 54 girl; ABC Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin corn maze native ad; YouTube podcaster takes issue with Michelle Obama’s mother’s pension