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86 Fat Chicks from Toronto (2009-04-05)

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0:00:32JCD’s birthday, entering oldest DoB year available in online forms, bogus average age statistics, When I’m Sixty-Four; Patricia forbids 60th birthday party, ACC’s trip to Amsterdam for Gucci bag, party on banker’s roof terrace; No Agenda drop site trolls adding value, auto-fellatio at the dinner table; JCD story: B-52s Love Shack at Dirty Dan’s strip club, more anecdotes for Dvorak Interlude, scalability
0:17:16Gordon Brown G20 closing: “green recovery”, “I think a New World Order is emerging”, Declaration on Delivering Resources Through the International Financial Institutions, another $850bn in IMF money, alphabet soup of acronyms, Multilateral Development Banks, IMF “flexible credit line”; Savings & Loan author Bill Black’s book The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own One, Bill Moyers’ incredulous “friven by fraud”, short-term profits and inevitable failure, JCD on “limos and hookers” milieu, fractal jingle
0:30:16Blackwater Xe to be replaced by Triple Canopy “consultants” in Iraq; Sen. Jay Rockefeller’s S.773 Cybersecurity Act of 2009, Secretary of Commerce access to network data “without regard to any provision of law”, cosponsor Olympia Snowe; voting out of office project, ACC: “it’s fun!”; listener note on grocery stores hyping reusable bag “echo guilt”, note on TSA disallowing entry due to lack of cash, Canadian mail-order brides, JCD links current generation of Canadian women’s big butts to canola oil, UK obesity epidemic, low-rent Iceland Foods
0:43:43Warrantless FBI raid of Core IP Networks data center, JCD recommends off-site backups
0:47:28ACC’s meeting with Andrew Horowitz, RIM service contract inflated numbers theory, JCD on requesting phone unlock after end of contract
0:50:29And Now Back to Real News: Demi Moore talks down suicidal Twitterer, ACC “dude!” on “ultimate MILF”; deciphering attempt for JCD notes; No Agenda iPhone app in the works
0:54:40Donation Segment: $88.88 random number theory; library/winery/armory
1:00:14Shadow Puppet Theater: National Economic Council’s Lawrence Summers’ $2.7M in Goldman Sachs speaking fees, Rahm Emanuel’s AIG shares, Valerie Jarrett’s stock portfolio, “Goebbels of the administration” David Axelrod’s millions
1:02:32I-Plate ADSL booster and 48V POTS bell wire; “Saint Pelosi” joke from listener
1:06:59Spanish researchers find THC kills brain cancer cells in mice; Ron Paul and Barney introduce industrial hemp legalization bill, William Randolph Hearst “get rid of Mexicans and weed” conspiracy theory; Hawaii tribute in next Dvorak Interlude
1:13:15Separate bus services for residents and immigrants in southern Italian town, ACC’s sister Willow’s husband in film business; ACC sets up JCD with Queen’s Day “No Sex in the Champagne Room” party, “Where’s Waldo” photos; expert French G20 protesters burn building to ground, French wine terrorists dumping “cheap plonk” from Spain; Obama and Sarkozy standing around on the street in Strasbourg
1:19:23North Korea claims successful satellite launch, inert stencil on Japanese Patriot missiles, “MGM prop department”; travel show timing
1:22:12National Ignition Facility 192-laser array for fusion research
1:24:27Outro: “guns and cold cuts” armory; Patricia chimes in on wiggling Will Smith’s ears and squeezing Brad Pitt’s butt at Madame Tussauds