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869 Swamp of Crazy (2016-10-16)

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0:00:00JCD: “We’re gonna do this, we’re gonna do that, we’re gonna do this…” (0:54:26)
0:00:38ACC at disc golf event; lingering “the thing” cough from zika spraying
0:04:31CBS: Trump proposes pre-debate drug tests, election “rigged by corrupt media”, more groping allegations, “thrusting his genitals”, Trump: “in just about all cases, it’s nonsense, it’s false”; more Podesta e-mails, Bill’s Morgan Stanley speech; ABC calling pageant contestants; Chris Hayes on “long-standing anti-Semitic tropes” in Trump banker remarks, Brother Nathanael
0:14:15The Blacklist and Will & Grace propaganda; Putin hypes Trump on The Simpsons (CotD)
0:21:08Jake Tapper covers his ass on leaked debate question; “we’d ask her if she were here” meme; Bernard Sansaricq rails against Clintons over MIA $14.3bn; media beating up Billy Bush
0:33:05Kaine, Obama, and Earnest all assert ignorance of Hillary’s private server
0:37:53“Shock and dismay” over Arizona voter database malware, “they don’t need the Red Army any more, they have the internet”, JCD on “did they take information” and returned downloads
0:42:32Bullshit NBC report on “wide-ranging cyber-retaliation” by “super-secret group inside the CIA”, “CIA super-hackers”, “specialized low-flying satellites over Russia”, Russia “persuasion campaign”; Lavrov: “it’s flattering … for a regional power”; Biden: “we’re sending a message”
0:54:50Putin in translation: “as regards what if, if a grandma had a penis she would be a grandpa”
0:58:27Obama on people “becoming scientists without the PhD”, “truthiness tests” for information, “the answer is obviously not censorship”; Google “fact-check label” for search results, IFCN International Fact-Checking Network, JCD: “Snopes on steroids”, funding from National Endowment for Democracy and Pierre Omidyar, JCD Red Book: “this is going nowhere”
1:10:24Cheryl Mills calls Matt Lee “a friendly at the AP”; Podesta $100k Saudi contract
1:13:37Jill Stein on Hillary and danger of nuclear war; Gary Johnson video: “I’m a chess player”, ACC buzzer for “first and most solemn responsibility is to keep us and our freedom safe”
1:16:51Producer Segment
1:33:12USC study shows selfies are good for mood; drugged-sounding teen explains “100 Club”, ACC on #blessed; University of Cape Town student calls for “decolonizing” science in favor of magic, dissenter called out for “disrespecting the sacredness of the space”; University of Florida BERT Bias Education and Response Team on high alert for offensive Halloween costumes
1:48:55Jack Abramoff: Hillary more corrupt than Warren Harding, compares Clinton Foundation crimes to his own, “honest services fraud”; Henry Giroux to Democracy Now on Trump phenomenon: “this is a country that is sliding into authoritarianism”, Dutch anti-Americanism
2:02:38CNN “powerful”-fest for Michelle “the closer” Obama speech; retracted Rolling Stone UVA rape story; Trump “I have other problems” revisited; Michelle: “if you can’t run your own house, you certainly can’t run the White House”, JCD: Palin “the screechy girl from Alaska”
2:15:21Obama on Republicans’ opinion of Trump: “man, this is really bad”, “swamp of crazy”
2:21:08Tesco and Unilever settle Marmite Brexit-induced “price row”
2:24:10Donation Segment
2:32:16USS Mason fires at Yemeni radar installations; lisping former British Syrian ambassador Peter Ford on Aleppo misreporting; White Helmets donation page “chip in”; Ford on “puny” British Brimstone missiles effort; linguists predict /θ/→/f/ shift
2:44:08Ebola and UFOs in Podesta e-mails; Geert Wilders to be tried for hate speech
2:47:29BRICS $500bn India-Russian S-400 missile deal; USS Zumwalt destroyer not seaworthy
2:50:35Clinton Foundation and Swedish postcode lottery; CNN: WikiLeaks “a one-man shop”