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868 Shambollocks (2016-10-13)

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0:00:00ACC: “Sacks of nine!” (1:21:19)
0:00:35JCD’s ghost-written “Confucius say”, ACC’s New York virus, lingering cough & bad back
0:02:34Trump’s improved debate performance; Clinton milieu smirk; Angela Rye sexual assault definition vs Kayleigh McEnany “selective outrage”, Rye: “the fact ot the matter is, Bill Clinton is not running for president”, “it’s effing ridiculous, dude!”; The View adulterers spin vs rape victims, “she was the one to which dirty was done!”, alleged victims called “tramps”
0:15:09Trump “grope victim” Jessica Leeds: first class armrest moved, “if he had stuck with the upper part of the body I might not have gotten … that upset” vs CVC’s experience, “octopus” comment; locker room ogling vs ACC’s fashion show experiences; Rachel Crooks & Temple Taggart kissing stories; JCD story about Bachelor of the Month’s boxes of proposition letters, ACC on mailbags of letters at MTV, if someone sends you a cake, don’t eat it; Kellyanne Conway contrasts Trump with Congress; Citizens for Trump guy on Pussygate as Republican attempted coup, rush to unendorse him, Pence moving to top of ticket, Ryan-Rubio 2020
0:28:03RT’s Lionel on California wiretapping laws, Morales’ Access Hollywood grudge against Billy Bush, JCD on unenforceable nondisclosure agreements; ideal leak timing; WikiLeaks compared to Watergate & Zapruder film; Judge Jeanine Pirro: “and Monica Lewinsky! you called her a narcissistic loony tune, until we found your husband’s semen on her dress”
0:38:40Hillary after debate: “we need to take off so that we could actually have some drinks served”
0:39:17Podesta on e-mails “purported to be from my account”, Kaine on possibility of manipulation, Donna Brazile: “we protect the sanctity of our electoral process”, not opening anything “postmarked from Russia”; Palmieri on anti-Catholic message: “I don’t recognize that e-mail”, stern Megyn Kelly calls out Democrats for not apologizing, “love you, mean it”; Family Research Council guy on Democrats’ disdain for the truly religious; “globalist atheists”
0:50:22White House spokeshole on Russian Компромат and Маскировка; Putin: “is that important, who did it?”, Roger Stone tweet “in what CNN believes he meant to say, quote, trust me, it will soon be Podesta’s time in the barrel”; Fox News: “increasingly obvious” Russia is involved with “false leads and fake stories”; Lavrov defuses tensions: “so many pussies around your presidential campaign on both sides”; bogus “bucket of losers” meme
1:01:58FoB Friends of Bill bombshell from Judicial Watch FOIA, $10bn from USAID, Korean garment manufacturer Sae-A’s Haiti factory, Cheryl Mills’ Black Ivy Group, Bill: “I’m sure we made a few mistakes, but waaay more good than harm was done” (CotD); Kirby to Matt Lee: “we looked into this when ABC was workin’ this story”, no evidence of “preferential treatment”
1:11:28Tom Llamas on Trump “shackles have been taken off me” tweet, “disloyal Republicans”, McCain to write in Lindsey Graham; Trump to O’Reilly: McCain has “never heard salty language before”, Trump: “McCain will be there, they’ll all be there”; backs turned on third-party pledge, JCD: “they lied”; Trump: “believe me, the last space I want to invade, is her space”, “sinister deal” with Paul Ryan at Boy Scout event
1:18:30Vermin Supreme: “I have no intention of keeping any promise that I make”
1:20:00Producer Segment: Scott McKenzie’s new The Great American Shoe Throwing
1:42:29Democracy Now: Doug Band e-mails calls Chelsea a “spoiled brat”; O’Reilly: networks saying “if you support Trump your career is done here”; Fox Business News’ Varney on “hand in glove” media collusion with Podesta; Amy Goodman: “Trump’s Taj Mahal” shuts down
1:53:10Putin’s “Russians come home”, Steve Israel Russian hacking non-sequitur, Trump’s “tepid” NATO support “alarms a number of Eastern European-Americans”; Robbie Williams’ Party like a Russian, Apple Pay’s Russia launch
1:58:50Anthropology as “appropriation of other people’s cultures for my own academic benefit”; Kansas University safe space meeting, “I graduate with a great deal of debt while my white counterparts do not”, “from now on you will refer to xem as xay because that is the appropriate thing to do when you are above the age of fucking twelve!”, “we can take it from you, that’s what y’all failin’ to realize”, “white fragility”, “I’m not retreating, I’m making myself safe and comfortable”, “yes you admit that it was horrible but what are you doing to change it?
2:11:47Jeremy Corbyn on working people worried about “shambolic Tory Brexit”, “shambollocks”; Syrian bomb plotter hangs himself in Leipzig jail despite “round the clock surveillance”
2:19:16Millennial vasectomy parties,, car showers
2:22:15Obama on being “literally” demonized, “said we smell like sulfur”, “thank you Satan”
2:23:40USS Mason fired on over several days with Houthi “cruise missiles”
2:27:02Small plane crash in Hartford investigated as intentional by Jordanian student pilot, ACC finds little activity on aviation boards, visa type oscillation, FBI raids
2:33:13Donation Segment: What Will We Do With a Drunken Donor jingle
2:47:51Roberto Duterte promises “gallons of gallons of epithets” for those he does not respect; Russia-Turkey gas pipeline deal sealed; Syrian Civil Defense “White Helmets” funded by USAID, “the United States has never implemented a no-fly zone with regime change coming afterwards”
2:55:26New York Post implies Trump is a pedophile; Anonymous refers to video of Bill Clinton raping 13 year-old girl; new lawsuit alleges both Trump and Bill are rapists; Project Veritas secretly records NYC election commissioner: “certain neighborhoods in particular, they bus people around to vote”, “Chinese too”; JCD: “we need Hillary in a screaming fit”
3:06:13Snowden’s Shailene Woodley live streams arrest at Indigenous Peoples’ Day pipeline protest