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866 Delay or Avoid (2016-10-06)

Show 866 album art
0:00:00JCD: “The blimp has landed.” (2:49:53)
0:00:36JCD’s Confucius Say to continue until Show 1000; early for ACC’s New York trip
0:02:12Vice presidential debate: Kaine trips JCD’s gaydar; MSNBC crowd’s “nooo!” for “do you feel connected to” Hillary; Kaine power move, “I was in Virginia” on 9/11 interruption; “we will work together in whatever roles we inhabit”, moderator calls time on Pence e-mail talk
0:12:03NSA contractor arrested, no mention of hacking tools in criminal complaint; Andrew Napolitano agrees with Bill Binney on NSA doing DNC hack, “I can’t imagine the NSA feeding Julian Assange this information, could you?”, Napolitano: “yes~”; Guccifer 2.0 claims access to Clinton Foundation, “Pay for Play” folder, plagiarized from earlier release, Scott Adams calls hoax, correlation between TARP payouts and donations; Sarbanes-Oxley and Wells Fargo
0:32:30Assange “October surprise” a complete dud, ACC: “pussy!”, Hillary on droning comment: “I don’t recall any joke”; Dr. Kilari Paul on Hillary’s 2008 election grudge against Gaddafi
0:37:06ABC edits out Hillary punchline; Bill Clinton on Obamacare enrollees’ “premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half”, Morning Joe: Bill the “cool president”, “at some point they gave Joe Biden an iPod and earphones and put him on a plane and flew him around”; Barbara Boxer reinterprets Bill’s words, “risk carters” fund, “not defensive” about need to fix it
0:50:26Gayle King: “Jon Stewart seemed to make such an effort to be nonpartisan”, Samantha Bee: “we have one shot to get Hillary elected do the show, ”do we need to“ know the real Hillary
0:54:01Biden: “Bernie Sanders’ net worth is more than mine, I have less money than a socialist”; DoJ moves to dismiss case against arms dealer to Libya Marc Turi to avoid election publicity
0:58:05Producer Segment: Bytes & Blades; No Agenda animated series
1:20:09ACC’s new physical service bell vs noise gate, “from now on it’s part of my rig”
1:21:43Distraction of the Week: Kim Kardashian robbed in Paris; illegal to publish Trump tax return, Daily Beast’s David Cay Johnston: “huge discounts on his loans” was income; Amy Goodman: “now you have to wonder if Trump had the money to pay them at all, right??”
1:34:49Hurricane Matthew: “it’s not hype, it’s real”; Obama: Paris Agreement “will help delay or avoid some of the worst consequences of climate change”, South by South Lawn; Britain not signatory due to Brexit; DiCaprio introduces Obama, hypes Before the Flood documentary, “the scientific consensus is in, and the argument is now over”, deniers “do not believe in facts”
1:46:32US MSF hospital bombing anniversary; EU €$1.3bn per year to return refugees to Afghanistan; Cameron blamed for violence against immigrants due to “swarm of people” comment; European Commission against Racism and Intolerance blames British press, “more rigorous training” for reporters; Ofcom updates official profanity list, Russell Brand on Queen’s real surname Saxe-Coburg-Gotha: “she might as well have been called Mrs. Bratwurst-Kraut-Nazi”
2:02:41Michael Savage shut off in New York and then nationwide for discussing Hillary’s health
2:04:46Donation Segment
2:12:38Replacement Samsung phone ignites on Southwest flight; UKIP’s Steven Woolfe collapses after “altercation”; Duterte: “Mr. Obama, you can go to Hell”; Air France fuel flap Allah akbar
2:21:19Josh Earnest: “I think everybody’s patience with Russia has run out”; Victoria Nuland in Moscow; Ray McGovern blames Israel; Baba Vanga WWIII prophesy
2:28:19Yuan becomes IMF reserve currency, JCD predicts bond market collapse
2:40:13Radio and Audio Summit panel strategy discussion; breaking news: JCD blimp landing
2:52:10Hospital charges $39.35 for neonatal “skin-to-skin contact”