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865 Wall of Phlegm (2016-10-02)

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0:00:00JCD: “Nauuuuuuugh!” (1:12:29)
0:00:34Wikileaks to release video; Alec Baldwin as Trump on SNL, somewhat critical of Hillary
0:05:44The View on Hillary trashing Bill’s various squeezes, Joy Behar: “go Latina on us now!”, Sunny Hostin: Flowers & Lewinsky “broke girl code”, Hillary “is a human being”
0:11:13Committee on Presidential Debates admits Trump microphone problem; Trump’s low lectern, Hillary’s lectern light, bouncing Parkinson’s finger
0:19:20Kimmel Liewitness News on fictional Trump tax returns, “farmer” occupation; USA Today & The Economist pro-Hillary globalism, Star Trek open letter; Priyanka Chopra to Kelly Rippa on getting good seat at Global Citizen Festival: “I could”; ACC’s Formula 1 paddock passes
0:32:30Morning Joe “Trump is right” about US-Mexico border; doctor offers male Hillary voters free testosterone test; Hillary “powers through” Florida “wall of phlegm”; Washington Free Beacon interleaves Hillary and Kathy Bates from Misery; “leggo your Eggo” recall news medley
0:44:50New York Times publishes Trump’s 1995 tax return, $916M loss from his “financial wreckage”, “lucrative” net operating loss deduction; Bob Zmuda: Andy Kauffman is now Donald Trump
0:49:26Judicial Watch’s Chris Farrell on Hillary e-mails and 18 U.S.C. §793(f): “intent is not an element of the crime”, “Mr. Comey is lying to the American public”
0:53:38Amy Goodman: “we’ll have more on Donald Trump & the Cuban embargo later in the barcast”
0:56:25Catherine Herridge on Clinton staffers retaining immunity even after being caught lying; Comey: “any kind of immunity comes from the prosecutors, not the investigators”, “active production immunity”, Mills as Hillary’s lawyer in interview; CIA going “all cloud”
1:03:45Producer Segment: “oikophobe” globalists
1:14:03New York banker’s cryptic Deutsche Bank comment; Wells Fargo’s Stumpf congratulated for uniting parties against him, “you screwed student load holders”, recent $1.2bn fine, “your problem is coming”, compares to bank robber Robert Holmes, JCD: “the room was packed”
1:25:21JASTA and Kenneth Feinberg 9/11 compensation fund; Saudi money for My Brother’s Keeper
1:32:47“Diplomatic row” between Netherlands & Russia over MH17 report; suspect Ukraine’s SBU on investigation team with veto power; Kirby on “body bags” comment: “those were facts”
1:40:37Military producers predict large-scale Middle East war; Brennan on “absolutist” ideology, /kæləfɪt/ pronunciation, “clash of civilizations”; Comey predicts “terrorist diaspora”
1:46:10Philadelphia only using no-paper-trail voting machines; NewsHour on new state voter database attacks, potentially deleting records, Ukrainian “fake plate”, nightly “cyber election screening”
1:56:00USCIS’ León Rodríguez asked about 18% refugees in ISIS prosecutions; Comey on failure to question Ahmad Rahami in jail; Manhattan’s Carnegie Deli closing
2:05:23Donation Segment: Trump “jobs, jobs, jobs!”; Bob Dylan The Titles Are A Changin’
2:18:09Duterte compares himself to Hitler, American “rubble”; oikophobic Dutch toy store ditches Sinterklaas and Black Pete; JCD on blackface origin, Shuffle Along play; Playboy hijab
2:27:18World War III on carbon, “we are under attack from climate change”, “the zika virus loaded like a bomb into a growing army of mosquitoes has shrunk the heads of newborn babies across an entire continent”; Dr. Fauci on genetically modified mosquitoes
2:33:27Hoboken train crash update, TSA pushes VIPR vs Obama “no takin’ off your shoes”
2:38:15Yahoo hack not state-sponsored after all; ICANN transferred; FCC delays cable box standard
2:43:11India & Pakistan clash in Kashmir, “surgical strikes”, Russia/China arms sales bonanza
2:48:25Japanese men wearing 16-pound pregnancy vests to encourage them to do more housework