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864 Putin Popularity Poll (2016-09-29)

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0:00:00ACC: “We… we didn’t give it to him.”
0:00:38Breaking news: Hoboken train crash, producer’s conductor father: “intentional and possibly terrorism”, station “guaranteed to have every track end”, perfect debate timing
0:03:29Presidential debate: Trump water sips, JCD: “she kicked his ass”, JCD on Oakland Raiders’ Tim Brown fail; Hillary: “stop and frisk was found to be unconstitutional … in part because it was ineffective”, “Hilary” on official ticket, Brendan Boyle “please look away” tweet
0:14:19Howard Dean Trump cocaine theory, Morning Joe: “if a Trump surrogate said something like that…”, Dean doubles down, “no, I don’t think he has a cocaine habit”; missed nose-blowing opportunity, hand on back power move, ACC: “he could actually rail up and do lines on the lectern and still probably could be in the race”; Hillary hand signal theory, JCD splices in “common sense gun safety”; press squeals with delight at Hillary microphone “zinger”
0:25:24Alicia Machado “surprised” to be debate subject; to concerned Megyn Kelly on eating disorder timeline: “they manipulate a lot of information about me”, “no more abuse for the girls” talking point; to Pooper on criminal past: “the point is, that happened twenty years ago”; Trump in 1997: “some people when they have pressure eat too much, like me, like Alicia”
0:36:40Sean Penn to Colbert: “social debate”, “or we can just masturbate our way into Hell”; ACC story about flying to LA with Penn & family; Penn traveling the world because he’s “curious”
0:42:06Obama: “if you vote for a third party candidate who’s got no chance to win, that’s a vote for Trump”; producers want more Gary Johnson coverage, Chris Matthews “who’s your favorite foreign leader” trap, “Aleppo moment”, names Merkel, Palin parallel; ~Jill Stein debate arrest
0:48:24State Rep. Teresa Fedor: let’s elect Hillary 49th president; MSNBC invokes Roger Ailes; Kimmel slowed-down “drunk debate”, Hillary Xanax theory, “Joker smile”
0:55:06Brennan: “Russia is an adversary in a number of areas”, not working to “enhance US security interests”, ACC F-Russia Trump ploy theory, CNN lies: “the administration has already said that they believe that the Russians are behind the tapping into the DNC e-mails etcetera”, Trump-Putin “bromance”, Putin 85-90% negative in “Putin popularity poll”, pollster skit
1:01:57Producer Segment: Jackie killed John Kennedy theory
1:19:15Overridden veto of JASTA Saidi lawsuit bill, empty threat to dump US investments after 28 pages release, Harry Reid the lone holdout, NewsHour backgrounder: “if they had nothing to do with 9/11 they have nothing to fear”, Jack Quinn and Michael Mukasey squabble over legal implications, discovery to “make them disclose national secrets, JCD: ”bullshit“
1:39:40Obama lies about JASTA, believing “another country didn’t do enough to stop one of its citizens … in engaging in terrorism”, disaster relief in “the Phillipines … or Haiti”, Samantha Power motorcade example, danger of being “exposed to liabilities for all the work that we’re doin’ all around the world”, members of Congress “said frankly, we didn’t know what was in it”, “political vote” lie, British terrorist scenario, “they’ve got some people like the radicals who are living in our country”, state sponsor of terrorism process; ACC Deutsche Bank, bond market, and Saudi threat theory, My Brother’s Keeper replacing CGI as Saudi money target
1:50:02“Army of Consequence” wanting more US advanced weapons laundered through other countries; portable surface-to-air weapons, “everybody knows that at the end the weapons will be in the hands of the terrorists”; Gayane Chichakyan on manPADs as anti-Russia strategy, asks about danger to US planes, Kirby: “Russia will continue to send troops home in body bags”
2:01:23Another MH17 interim report: Russian-made Buk, denunciation by Russia, JCD on absence of dog biscuit-shaped holes, Show 636 NEWFIP recap
2:08:45Chaffetz submits documents for Brian Pagliano contempt of congress; Clinton staffer Paul “stonetear” Combetta tracked to forum asking how to strip e-mail headers
2:13:24California Representative Scott Peters reads mysterious names and dates for one minute; Sheila Jackson Lee on gun violence and “automatic weapons like AK-47s”
2:17:35Continuing resolution: total salaries for Congress and staff $1.2bn
2:18:52Donation Segment: JCD requests title change sound or jingle
2:30:30Supreme Court OKs DoJ single search warrant access to computers across the country, “only Congress can put the brakes on the plan”; “the officer must make reasonable efforts to serve a copy of the warrant … service may be accomplished by any means, including electronic means”, ACC: “I guess you can tweet ‘em”, equipment “damaged without authorization”
2:38:50Five suspected ISIS arrested in EU for “spreading propaganda and inciting attacks”; only 5k of 160k relocated in agreement with Turkey; NATO’s Jens Stoltenberg on EU army: “no contradiction between European defense and strong Atlantic cooperation within NATO”
2:43:28New York bombing “sidewalk scavengers” identified as Egyptian airline employees; father Mohammad Rahami: “red check shirt” FBI agent at arrest scene “is the same agent who, two years earlier, had investigated his son as a possible terrorist and concluded, without interviewing Ahmad in person, that he was no terror threat” (CotD)
2:48:56Elon Musk Kickstarter to get cost of moving to Mars down to $200k, ACC: “this guy!”
2:50:27ABC on South Carolina playground shooting: parents’ cell phones “started burning up”, “police say the son was homeschooled”
2:53:17Thoughts & Prayers app fake ad: “cool, there’s been a mass stabbing in New York and my thoughts and prayers were automatically posted!”, proposed No Agenda Love & Light app