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863 Quantum of Evidence (2016-09-25)

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0:00:00JCD: “Yeah man, like the sun’s gonna blow up in a billion years if we take a long-term look!”
0:00:39JCD wants to reprint his Confucius Say book
0:01:19NWO Global Citizen Festival,, Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs Bert Koenders: “your phone or a clean toilet?”, JCD: “what is he talking about?”, host Neil Patrick Harris: “awww shit!”, tote board with “number of lives set to be affected”; UNGA backdrop
0:16:34Chinese Tiangong-1 space station “out of control”, “that’s encouraging”; House bill authorizes study of FAA in control of space traffic; California U-2 crash
0:20:51Lindsey Graham to generals: “Russia, did they bomb this convoy?”, Carter: Kerry working “indefaggotably”, Graham: “is there a plan B?”; US intelligence exchange obstructionism
0:28:32Brennan and officials’ non-answers on post-Snowden intelligence sharing at CIA conference, Australia’s Nick Warner: Snowden “damaged your national security in very significant ways.”
0:31:59More documents, including Michelle Obama passport image; ACC on GPGTools
0:37:34YouTuber: Hillary has “late stage syphilis”; step counts included in event plans; producer asks Dr. Drew insider, comments intended to end show; Dr. Drew & Dr. Robert Heisinger on pneumonia from “right middle lobe infiltrate”, “I’m not gonna say it, people would freak out”
0:44:32Obama vetoes Saudi lawsuit bill, recent insincere speech to 9/11 victims’ families; Saudi Arabia to cut production if Iran’s is frozen; RT on threatened $750bn asset dump
0:51:19500M Yahoo accounts hacked by a “state-sponsored actor” in 2014, JCD: “prison!”
0:52:58California prison videoconferencing bill; underage sexting allegations for Anthony Weiner
0:56:17Gary Johnson’s “be insane to get coverage” strategy: speaking with tongue stuck out, “in billions of years the sun is going to actually grow and encompass the earth … so global warming is in our future” (CotD), JCD on powerful new weed strains, (opening 1:02:56)
1:03:11Kratom update (bogus Boston Tribune reversal story), more producer feedback
1:09:12Producer Segment:
1:36:58Condescending CNN on Kasich question: “Trans-Pacific Pipeline is on the agenda for him today, and not the birther issue” (CotD); Jeffrey Toobin on racist code word “law and order”, base “sick and tired of African-Americans trying to get political power in this country”
1:41:31Fox News on Charlotte video: “we are working on editing those tapes for air”; handgun and blunt distraction; MSNBC “quantum of evidence”; Larry Elder on Tulsa shooting and racism claims: “blacks are running the institution”; out-of-state Charlotte protesters
1:52:07Debate wrangling; M.D. producer: Trump 250 pounds; Scott Adams’ Trump switch over estate tax a hatred magnet; estate tax and elaborate family trusts
1:58:22France & Germany pushing for Brussels-based EU army “European External Action Service”; NATO “duplication of effort” meme-fest; “worldwide mess” if US botches ICANN handoff
2:07:14Operation Mockingbird; DoJ approves FBI impersonating journalist to bomb threat student
2:12:46Facebag inflates video view numbers; Dame Francine explains online advertising scams
2:20:32Producer Segment: “Crovados” brandy, rose petal liqueur
2:37:50Lt. Col. Robert Maginnis on The Jim Bakker Show: “demonic forces” in Washington
2:41:45ACC reads from Industrial Society and its Future on leftist “oversocialization”
2:48:45Filipinos protest Marcos hero’s burial, Duterte “fuck the EU”; Mexico smuggling seasons
2:51:35Applause for Hillary’s Snapchat and messages “disappear all by themselves” comment
2:55:20JCD on infused vodka: Costco Kirkland is Grey Goose, “searing” Thai chili vodka
3:00:54Bono’s Trump “turn your country into a casino” comment a concert marketing ploy