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862 Otherizing (2016-09-22)

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0:00:00JCD: “Directors, directors, directors!” (1:53:26)
0:00:35Charlotte riots over Keith Scott police shooting; Fox journalist: flashbangs “designed to terrori… to chase the crowd back”, reporter caught in tear gas, “oh, my eyes!”, ACC on scene skit; hot mic on live stream, “that was great, dude, literally it blew up right over your shoulder!”
0:09:34Rumors of staged green screen Hillary speeches, “crazy eyes” videos, odd contact lenses
0:12:53Milan CEO Heather Bresch excoriated in Congressional hearing, Dr. Scott DesJarlais: “do you have a guilty conscience about any of this?”; Stephen Lynch: “what’s the VA payin’?”; Lacy Clay: “have you ever seen an individual have a seizure?”; Bresch “unprecedented” meme
0:26:13DEA to put Mitragyna speciosa “kratom” on Schedule I, OxyContin alternative, 130k We the People petition responses; ACC to run some tests; MGM-16 from 7-hydroxymitragynine
0:33:30Harvard and MIT sued for ADA compliance in online courses
0:35:58Alleged New York bomber Ahmad Rahami interviewed by FBI, “they cannot leave these people on the radar indefinitely” meme; presidential debate timing; JCD on trip to Pakistan and “crazy wives”; Tumblr “manifesto”; FBI seeking suitcase scavengers; finder thought bomb was “kinetic sculpture”; Cuomo: “it’s reducing the anger through dialogue”
0:48:40Lester Holt to moderate debate; Trump almost gets “highest duty” right; Hillary postpones fundraiser with $33k “host reception”; Hillary video flub: “my dad was a small business”, right-to-work; House candidate Charlie Crist gets laugh for “I believe that she is honest”
0:58:04Bono to Charlie Rose: “America is an idea … bound up in justice and equality for all”, shouldn’t let Trump “turn your country into a casino”; JCD calls fake on Monmouth University poll memo; Adam Corolla unable to get Dr. Drew on podcast to talk about pneumonia; anti-Trump “shit-ton of famous people” video, “racist, abusive coward”
1:10:02Producer Segment: Marc Perkel cancer and business handoff; Spamhaus extortion
1:25:59Donald Trump Jr.’s Syrian refugee Skittles tweet, The Intercept on anti-Semitic Der Giftpilz book; Kirby to Fox & Friends on 100k refugees in 2017: “I would’t debate the fact that there’s the potential for ISIS terrorists to try to insert themselves”
1:33:50Snowden pardon without conviction a possibility under Supreme Court Ex parte Garland ruling; Schick v. Reed and treason; James Woolsey: charge him with treason and hang him
1:40:48Obama at UN on “giving up some freedom of action”; Paris Agreement as trade deal; CNBC compares Brexit and elections, Brit Hume: bookies favor Hillary
1:48:34Hypocritical Washington Post editorial board throws Snowden under the bus
1:52:10JCD: too many director categories at Emmys; Jill Soloway: “topple the patriarchy!”, backstage: Trump is “otherizing people”, Jeffrey Tambor: “ditto, ditto, ditto”
2:01:55Justin Trudeau declares poverty “sexist”; $140M in gold smuggled from Royal Canadian Mint
2:04:42Miss America 2016: Arkansas the winner, Maryland can’t sing, Texas the baton twirler; questions on “immigration debate”, Matt Lauer, Colin Kaepernick, Gretchen Carlson and workplace equality; New York gets Trump question, Arkansas runs over on Hillary
2:23:17Donation Segment
2:29:16Bruce Springsteen on his bout of depression (CotD); coloring therapy on campus, JCD on Mimi’s The Scream sculptures; art market devaluation
2:38:31New Jersey solar panel “giveaway”, ABC News: new heat record; JCD: mudflats still there
2:41:01Russia blamed for attack on Syria relief convoy; Amal Clooney all-in on Assad prosecution
2:49:43Reverend Manning: “God’s gonna put a cancer in the butthole of every sodomite!” (TCS)