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861 Hate Crime Manager (2016-09-18)

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0:00:00JCD: “And that is very thinning.” (1:36:17)
0:00:33JCD fakes eating a giant bug, “tastes like poop”
0:02:18New Jersey charity race explosion; pressure cooker bomb in Chelsea, witness at “vegetonian” burrito place, National Guard “happened to be in the area for training”; MSNBC bitches about Trump use of “bomb”; body double shoulder switching feedback; Hillary: “I’ve been briefed about the bombings”, reporter immediately asks for reaction to Trump’s “bomb”
0:14:39Rachel Maddow on Katy Tur’s “stage is falling apart”, news gods “definitely do write poetry”; Jake Tapper: “and then he said Hillary Clinton started birtherism — not true”; Maddow: “he crumbled, he collapsed, he caved”; NBC “falsely accused” meme; NBC SurveyMonkey poll: “more than eight in ten Democrats believe the President was born here”; calls for apology
0:32:51Ashleigh Banfield distressed by Trump’s MSM hostility; RT on dwindling trust for media
0:36:34Politico’s Ben Smith explains Hillary campaign birtherism origins; Morning Joe cognitive dissonance fest; campaign manager Patti Doyle on staffer e-mail, “we let that person go”; Sidney Blumenthal’s role; John Avlon: “conspiracy entrepreneur” Trump “lied while telling the truth”; Pastor Scott: “it was not racial, it was political”, “the Canadians aren’t offended” over Cruz; “we just lost Brianna Keilar”; Chris Matthews “am I supposed to stop talking?”
0:52:10Bill Clinton to Trevor Noah: emotional “she wanted to go to the 9/11 ceremony”; CGI meeting scheduled for UN General Assembly, shutting down amid sponsor pullouts
1:04:17Producer Segment: Harry’s vs Gillette, JCD razor and wine downgrade theory
1:27:49Former Haitian senate president Bernard Sansaricq rails against Clintons at Trump event: “a week later … Clinton revoked my visa”, Digicel takeover, drug money in “cornflakes boxes”; economic hit man: Hillary very cold, Trump 300 pounds
1:37:57Possible new Hillary body double photo; Nancy Pelosi: “he’s not gonna be president”, warns about third-party candidates; Obama: low black turnout a “personal insult”; Harry Reid: CNN pays for “cheap polls”; Debbie Wasserman Schultz lies about 2000 Florida outcome
1:48:49DHS “late start” in election security, Donna Brazile to Brolf: CrowdStrike “imme-iately after” DNC attack, “be caweful of what links you turn on”, Rand Beers & Aneesh Chopra
1:56:24Documents from WADA hack now include British athletes, “Fancy Bears” group
2:01:45Kerry-Lavrov Syria ceasefire report punctuated by gunfire B-roll; Samantha Power “oops” over airstrike on Syrian military, Security Council meeting a Russian “stunt”
2:08:48Jason Chaffetz demands unredacted Clinton e-mails from FBI’s Jason Herring: “you don’t get to decide what I get to see, I get to see it all”, “you are hereby served” subpoena; McCain questions generals on sequestration effects, classic Feinstein impending attack clip
2:17:31Donation Segment
2:25:35Rodrigo Duterte: “I will kill all of you who make the lives of Filipinos miserable” (CotD), Duterte accused of directing death squad, “feeding a victim to a crocodile”
2:28:48Kiev Russian embassy fireworks attack; US special forces run out of Syrian town by FSA
2:33:00Bratislava meeting over EU “existential crisis”, Renzi pulls out of press conference; German protests over TTIP and CETA; French opération Ronce; Bruges beer pipeline
2:42:35South Park national anthem solution: commission J.J. Abrams; Arabic shouting B-roll
2:45:16SJW MRU student: Trump hat is hate speech; Nottingham “hate crime manager” on misogyny
2:49:42Ted Cruz video opposing NWO ICANN giveaway, balance on next show
2:52:40Trump hat SJW writes: “I’m ready for some LOUD AF language of LOVE”, JCD: “psycho!