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860 Power Through (2016-09-15)

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0:00:00ACC: “Do not tweet this!” (1:28:00)
0:00:34JCD on ACC’s Night Attack appearance: “you’re smokin’ dope right off the beginning”, Tourette’s control, chatroom “Curry has zika!”; ACC awed by Vive VR system
0:08:19Colin Powell e-mails on “with ties to Russian intelligence”, Trump “national disgrace and international pariah”, “racist” birthers; Chris Hayes ties Guccifer 2.0 to Russia, JCD: “the guy’s in jail!”, Tim Kaine’s phone number released, Donna Brazile blames Trump
0:17:11Gayane Chichakyan on Simone Biles and Williams sisters’ medical waivers for banned drugs
0:20:03Don Lemon: Powell “had to throw a mini-tantrum at a Hamptons party” over Hillary e-mail; Powell on Hillary’s health and Clinton dislike of Obama; Powell on blame for Benghazi; Gen. Michael Flynn buttslams Powell: “I’ve actually been called worse things by my little sister”
0:31:54James Woolsey joins Trump campaign; CIA “pencil pushers”; Trump’s 88 top brass supporters
0:35:52ABC boosts Trump’s Ohio poll numbers, political speech stopped by Flint pastor; Trump medical records on upcoming Doctor Oz Show, Hillary doctor: “excellent mental condition”
0:44:25Hillary’s 9/11 collapse, Brit Hume on misleading mainstream headlines; MSNBC hosts’ lies: “the weather has been horrific”, “a little bit wobbly”, “it could happen to anybody”, Fox News: “it was 75 degrees at the time”; Gloria Borger: “for those who believe in conspiracy theories, they’re still gonna believe in conspiracy theories”, Hillary’s “big incident in the Fall”
0:56:55CBS edits “purely for time” Bill Clinton’s “frequently, not frequently, rarely” to Charlie Rose; Hillary calls in to Pooper, Fox News “power through” meme montage
1:09:36Pooper propagates CBS Bill edit; Scott Adams paruresis shy bladder theory, JCD story about Adams speech postmortem; Hillary: “only twice that I can recall”, “a few times”, “I did lose my balance for a minute”, Chuck Schumer’s pneumonia; only four Secret Service agents, Rubenstein Agency’s Christine Falvo, anti-seizure Zeiss Z1 blue lenses
1:21:37Hillary’s body double, ACC: “women do not switch shoulders for their shoulder bag, never!”
1:29:32Producer Segment: Magic: the Gathering; ACC’s John Holden persona
1:51:05WABC “breaking news about Hillary Clinton’s death”, MSM dead candidate contingency plan stories, “Fowler, who has backed President, who has backed Hillary Clinton” (CotD)
1:56:13Trump supporter punches protester at North Carolina rally; Josh Earnest on Obama’s Trump-Putin comparisons, Earnest asked why Obama doesn’t get Trump’s tax documents directly from IRS (CotD); Republican push to impeach Koskinen
2:05:14Hillary arrest theory, poison theory, Parkinson’s theory, “bag of pee” theory
2:09:58Unreliable Washington Post reporter on PBS delves into Trump Foundation, $3.3 “most money it has ever had” vs $5M from Vince McMahon; Guidestar platinum rating for Clinton Foundation, outrage from Progressive 127, ACC: “white gay guy Hillary channel”
2:18:17Hacker Deric Lostutter faces 16 years in prison for exposing rape by Steubenville high school football players; soccer player Megan Rapinoe on kneeling for national anthem, ambiguous First Amendment reference; lawyer note: flag code is a suggestion
2:26:07ACLU Snowden Presidential pardon campaign, Josh Earnest: no conviction, Snowden trailer
2:29:56Wells Fargo division head Carrie Tolstedt’s $124M retirement package
2:31:17Donation Segment: JCD on visa headaches in US-Brazil travel; need title change jingle
2:42:07Juncker calls for EU military; JCD on the four EU presidents; Northern European heat wave
2:47:55Crazy Eddie dead at 68; Austin’s secret Apple campus, chip designers in Texas
2:50:23Netanyahu’s “ethnic cleansing”, Trudeau: “inappropriate”; $40bn aid package, 33 F-35 aircraft