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85 Ketchup is Hard to Make (2009-04-02)

Show 85 album art
0:00:34JCD notices ACC’s intro variations; G20 protest CCTV blackouts due to too-low or too-high resolution, directional microphones, V for Vendetta and Four Horsemen, damage to RBS; media mayhem portrayal, The Guardian “24/7 on Twitter”; JCD’s April Fools’ gags, Conficker worm; music copyright extension campaigns
0:12:40Obamas visiting Gordon Brown and Queen, “Michelle-mania”, waste of money sending Katie Couric and Margaret Warner to London, green patch in front of Westminster; Jamie Oliver’s cooking skills on display; Obama stammering to answer blame question, low-rent Sarkozy-Merkel press conference, German “regulation machine” and protectionism; Gordon Brown on global plan real soon now; US fine and Europe screwed fractal
0:24:54And Now Back to Real News: soap opera Guiding Light cancelled; Jim Clark marrying swimsuit model Christy Hinze; Miss Universe: Guantánamo Bay “relaxing and calm”; JCD on Monterey Foods invisible brick wall for Midwesterners, checkout aisle delayed by woman with “beat-up old dirty canvas bags”; AARP on red meat “deadly” study
0:33:56Two daughters of abortion clinic owner Irving “Bud” Feldcamp killed in Pilatus PC-12 crash into Holy Cross Cemetery “Tomb of the Unborn”
0:36:05Health and Human Services nominee Kathleen Sebelius files amended tax returns; listeners surprised to learn IRS is armed to the teeth, ACC hands everything over to Patricia, JCD audit tip: put tabs on everything and look like a nut; Bloomberg: $12.8T promised or given
0:39:37And Now Back to Real News: “series of tubes” Ted Stevens’ case thrown out over prosecutorial misconduct; chilly Obama-Hillary greeting at 10 Downing Street; audio of Campaign for Liberty staffer Steve Bierfeldt detained by TSA for carrying $4700 in cash, DEA civil forfeiture threat, “we gonna have to take him down to the station”; JCD handyman narration, ACC’s Dutch-speaking dog; TSA: “if you have nothing to hide then you can just tell us what it’s for”, “are you from this planet?”, “you’re suspicious”, ACC: “how long until they get guns?”; ACC’s parents’ bosun whistle; song request “Twapp” Twitter app for stream
0:52:55And Now Back to Real News: JCD “hummingbirds are interesting” and frightening, ACC’s morning bird chorus; HFCS honey contamination, organic Heinz ketchup from Canada, JCD describes ketchup-making operation; Mimi calls Portland Punch maker on HFCS switch; nanotechnology in food science; Monsanto suicides in Africa; Larry Silverstein seeking $1bn for One World Trade Center, hit by car at time of original purchase
1:08:27$6.66 and $20.12 donation levels, Chinese lucky 8s; “libary” and “zoo-ologist” pronunciations
1:11:18Natural Resources Defense Council all-in against soft toilet paper, JCD: “use a corn cob, my friend!”; royal “Groom of the Stool” ass-wiper; NASA reports all-time solar activity low; Rahm Emanuel on GIVE Act “universal civil defense training”, Spinal Tap “Dobly”; BBC admits hope to lose Eurovision Song Contest
1:21:17GM CEO fired; Huffington Post $1.7M journalism fund, political flip-flopper Arianna Huffington’s “perfect face for radio”; Salma Hayek’s husband PPR CEO Francois-Henri Pinault held hostage in France; PETA euthanasia facility and old Penn & Teller: Bullshit! episode
1:26:58Latvia to sell marijuana seized on Dutch boat; venture capital bias against tech companies without direct flight from Silicon Valley, Skype’s Dutch origins; 50 cosponsors for Ron Paul’s H.R.1207; ACC horrified by photo of Michele Bachmann kissing Bush 43