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859 Army of Conquest (2016-09-11)

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0:00:00JCD: “Heyyy, you got any Jack Daniels?” (1:49:14)
0:00:48Breaking news: Hillary’s Ground Zero “medical episode”, “appeared to faint”, lost shoe, JCD: “does anybody even consider the possibility that she was plastered?”; nice distraction from “basket of deplorables”; Hillary hate compilation, “if you’re white you’re a racist” jingle; Stephanie Cutter: “her only mistake was that she described half of his supporters that way”
0:15:00Louie Gohmert: Hillary “mentally impaired”; anesthesiologist Ted Noel opines Parkinson’s
0:18:36North Korean celebrity news reader Ri Chun-hee, tearful Kim Jong-il death announcement
0:21:35Producer passes on Secret Service “further complications”; bogus Hillary father praying story; Tim Kaine to Rose: “it’s very clear that the Russians were behind the DNC attack”, Nixon-Trump impeachment meme, Charlie Wilson’s War and Russia hate; Brolf to Rand Paul on reducing Yemen bombing role: “significant loss of jobs and revenue” (CotD)
0:32:37Saudi Arabia 9/11 lawsuit bill, Josh Earnest reiterates veto excuse, empty Saudi bond dumping threat, JCD: “this is really just Obama caving to the Saudis”; TtK introduced to Building 7; NYPD “ramping up” security, “make no mistake about it … no credible or specific threat”
0:46:07Morning Joe fails to catch “former head of the KGB” Putin meme; death of Greta Friedman from “iconic” staged V-J Day photo, ACC on multiple takes photographing women
0:51:49Anger at Matt Lauer over Commander-in-Chief forum lack of fact-checking; Joy Reid talks over and cuts off David Malpass on “pay-for-play”; Ed Schultz now at RT hating on Hillary, JCD: “this guy’s just a mercenary”; Larry King portrayed as Russian stooge for Trump interview, Ora Media RT contract; Trump cut off, King: “such is life in the big leagues”
1:05:38Gary Johnson’s “and what is Aleppo”; NYT geography retractions; Johnson on The View
1:12:10Producer Segment
1:16:21Hillary’s backwards fall; National Enquirer Matt Lauer cocaine story; David Brooks on NBC forum performances: “I thought they both lost”, “a little piece of my soul died”, perplexed by Trump’s taking Iraqi oil comment and polls tightening
1:22:17McCain asks Ash Carter about “Army of Conquest”; RT on Turkey supplying al-Nusra
1:26:58Chelsea Clinton’s MKULTRA “looove” non-answer about Hillary being bad-mouthed; sniffing Bill Clinton on “the coal people” blaming Democrats; photo of Trump & Bill golfing with babes; Trump to ABC on releasing medical records: “I think I will do that”
1:35:23Dutch 5% tax on royalties, new ATA directive sets it to 10%; Putin’s driver killed in freak accident; fluctuating oil prices; CitiGroup oil trader: let’s have more Algiers meetings
1:42:05Mike Pence on Putin as stronger leader than Obama, Hillary: “scary”
1:43:07NewsHour on Dakota Access Pipeline worries over water contamination, producer feedback
1:50:08Admiral James Lyons’s Benghazi kidnapping operation; Trump’s 88 military higher-ups
1:54:52Afghanistan presence to “prevent another 9/11”; “as it happened” coverage and Building 7
1:56:41Alex Jones rants about EU Pedobears; Jones-Maddow feud; Beck’s Tomi Lahren, NYPD Blue
2:00:15Phyllis Schlafly dead at 92, NewsHour ignores her opposition to Equal Rights Amendment
2:05:34Donation Segment: sub7zero’s Opus format RSS feed; ACC’s Night Attack appearance
2:17:53High school athletes kneeling national anthem protest; ACC auditions possible replacements
2:34:08Up in arms over yet another North Korean nuke test; “deliverable nuclear weapon” in a decade; JCD outraged at Picasso’s Guernica at UN
2:42:16Congress squabbles over Planned Parenthood and zika funding; public-domain anthem
2:47:19No arrests in Wells Fargo racketeering scheme, 5300 fired, ACC: “where’s Pocahontas?”