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854 Premedicated (2016-08-25)

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0:00:00ACC: “Now it seems… well it seems my voice went up.” (1:11:03)
0:00:33Obnoxious chatroom spam; JCD demonstrates preprogramming with The Jew cooking show
0:05:08“Cajun Navy” rescuers risk running afoul of regulatory legislation; producer note on victims’ rescuers threatened with arrest; Bill Nye: “this is the result of climate change, it’s only going to get worse”, “people will move”, copper wire looting, “levies” in Holland “good for a while”
0:14:04Difficult People podcaster’s bar, crappy new Amazon shows I Love Dick and The Tick, decent Jean-Claude Van Johnson; JCD on Woody Allen’s Café Society; JCD refuses Mr. Robot spoiler
0:21:19Pentagon spokeshole to Barbara Starr on Syrian no-fly zone, “you can label it what you want”; Seymour Hersh: Erdoğan “completely crazy”, bogus Syrian gas victim count, “false flag”
0:34:18Entire Russian team banned from Rio Paralympics; retaliatory ISS staff cuts
0:38:09Hillary to Pooper: “I know there’s a lot of smoke, and there’s no fire”, AP calendar lawsuit; Elie Wiesel & Muhammad Yunus talking point; Andrea Mitchell “Gates Family”, “the firewall was not properly defined”; Chris Matthews campaign “influence buying” bullcrap analogy
0:52:06Charles Ortel on two versions of memorandum of understanding; HIV/AIDS Initiative “hemorrhaging money”, Massachusetts license revoked; apologist James Carville: “the Clintons never took a nickel out of the Foundation”, CharityWatch “five-star rating”
0:59:09“People will die” meme; no line item disclosures for HIV drugs; Indian drug maker Ranbaxy’s untested HIV drugs, 2013 $500M fine, 2013 Fortune article Dirty Medicine, “it’s just blacks dying”; Ortel on IRS and “business development exercise”; UNITAID airline ticket levy; insider traders Rajat Gupta and Raj Rajaratnam; Foundation “merchants around misery”
1:11:03Citizens United FOIA e-mails reveal Dennis Cheng as Clinton “bag man”; Mark Toner dodges question about Abedin’s clearance and mother’s Islamic studies journal editorship
1:17:25Producer Segment: no note for JCD on beer at post office; TtK introduced to David Icke
1:30:32Trump: Clintons “owe the FBI director their political lives”, “total premedication” flub; Hillary to Jimmy Kimmel: “take my pulse”, “it just absolutely makes no sense”, pickle-gate
1:43:39National Archives and Records Administration: whether State Department press briefings are federal records, tampering is a crime; ambiguous ABC “reality check” on medical records and Foundation; AP reports half of Hillary’s private citizen meetings were with Foundation donors, JCD on Bill stepping down “get it while you can” announcement; Hillary’s $50k per ticket fundraisers; Hersh on NYT board outraged by alternate bin Laden history
2:01:11Tim Kaine flubs Trump rent “not ask what you can do for your country” punchline; Commission on Presidential Debates CEO Howard G. Buffett, “stacked deck”; Clinton Foundation president Donna Shalala on orgizational changes: “it would be irresponsible to do all this before she’s elected”; James Grimaldi on comparing lobbying records correlated with meetings
2:13:40Iranian vessels approach US warship to “just three hundred yards” at “warp speed”
2:15:47ABC KPT Bryce rendering of new planet; switching to crowdfunding model
2:20:37Donation Segment
2:29:54Police forcing French burkini-wearers to disrobe; Nice mayor: no bikinis in Muslim countries, BBC reporter pushes back: “armed French police forcing Christian nuns to remove their habits at the beach”; female genital mutilation in Dagestan, Ayaan Hirsi Ali; CVC still in Jordan
2:42:21FBI Pedobear Playpen honeypot quadruples visits; @PotUS Twitter feed to be cleaned out; RT on Russian hackers auto-blame; Clarkson University honorary degrees for BLM creators
2:50:21JCD on Guilfoyle wearing slacks, Andrea Tantaros sexual harassment lawsuit