Call Clooney!

853 Iso Day (2016-8-21)

Show 853 album art
0:00:00JCD: “People today are not educated.” (2:03:10)
0:00:33Image of Obama golfing off top of flooded car, J’Johnson tries to explain Louisiana no-show: “of course, the President can’t be everywhere”, “very busy schedule” lie; Trump handing out toys, JCD on epic Stalin speech; coffins floating in street, JCD on John Bell Hood crypt
0:12:50Morning Joe reacts to defensive Obama “nefarious deal”, “he is dissembling and arrogant at the same time”; Kirby called out on “new factual disclosure”, “I certainly would agree that this particular fact is not something that we’ve talked about in the past”; Josh Earnest in January: it’s their own money; Russ Baker on 28 pages and distancing from Saudi Arabia; withdrawal from Yemen and civilian casualties from Saudi air strikes
0:30:41Kirby on State Department Iran video edit: technician made edit before it was requested, possible “glitch”; NYT editorial urges end to Saudi weapons sales because of Yemen
0:42:27Assange lawyer John Jones killed in commuter train “suicide”
0:46:38Viral “Aleppo boy” image, Russia blamed, RT: “it’s clicks, it’s views, it’s ad revenue”, “kiss my fat ass” iso, “alleged Russian air strike”, “consistent with a mortar shell”; Jeffrey Sachs to Morning Joe: Clinton and Obama regime change policies “disaster for the American people”
0:55:52ACC Red Book: Russia blamed for major terrorist event; JCD: few leaders have ever seen nuclear blast, transferring nukes from Incirlik to Romania; naked body scanner manufacturer L-3 Communications’ Richard Cody: Russia’s resurgence “a bonanza”
1:04:43CVC en route to Jordan for reality show; ACC story on Africa show debacle, “Seal Team 33”
1:07:11China getting involved on Assad’s side, Shanghai Cooperation Organization; “Chichakyan” jingle, Mark Toner struggles to respond to Indian minister visiting Syria
1:15:10Jill Stein recounts arrest and detention at “dark site” at 2012 debate, Gary Johnson invokes Sherman Act, “rigged” theme; possible election ramifications of Shadow Brokers’ NSA breach
1:25:32Producer Segment: JCD recommends 50% diluted 2012 Robert Mondavi Oakville cab
1:43:17DoJ proposes to ditch private prisons, Bill Clinton: “we overdid it”; $9 per hour wages, “24 guards for 1500 prisoners”; Orange is the New Black parallel; only 11% of CCA money from feds; CNBC: stocks “eviscerated”, “legislated out of existence in the middle of a trading day”
1:53:36Ray McGovern on Hillary PBT “Poutine bashing team”, “Assange Bashing Team”
1:57:17Olympics: fist-pumping American & Russian fencers; US flag code and Hitlerjugend salute
2:03:13Michio Kaku rants about US “stupid index” and H-1B “genius” visa; Norm Matloff
2:10:32New depression signal à la mac & cheese and toast: broth
2:11:56Kirby on Crimea “invasion”: “you can’t redraw the borders … through the barrel of a gun”
2:15:00Hillary on professionals stiffed by Trump; JCD explains mechanic’s liens (JCDPPotD)
2:19:31Donation Segment
2:29:52Second Half of Show: occult ritual at CERN; Chinaese “quantum communications” satellite
2:32:55Russian actor plays mercenary in Ukraine; UN admits cholera culpability; peacekeepers do nothing to stop South Sudan rampage; 10k dead from cholera, “issue” vs “eschew”
2:39:38Hillary tries to blame Colin Powell for e-mail server; Biden: “we wrote Japan’s constitution”; Joel Benenson on Hillary’s health: “those things don’t even rise to the level of rebuttal”
2:49:53Naked statues of Trump appearing in various cities, JCD: art collectors take notice, Seattle statue tossed in pickup truck; David Winer decides body shaming is just dandy
2:55:32Omaha man finds brownies in car with groceries, “wow, I am really high!”, “iso day”
2:57:40Aetna drops Obamacare participation in retaliation for DoJ blocking Humana merger