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848 Cash on a Pallet (2016-08-04)

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0:00:00JCD: “Hillary is the one more likely to get us all killed.” ACC: “Easily!” (0:46:36)
0:00:37Show delayed due to Northern Silicon Valley power outage
0:01:16“FBI informant” on 4chan: FBI investigating Clinton Foundation’s Benghazi connection; Savannah Guthrie repeatedly quotes unnamed “top Republicans” on party chaos, “nuclear codes” meme; Morning Joe on Trump drooling over nukes in “security briefing”, Mika: “your country is blowing up!”, Hayden on “safeguards” against wacko Trump, “crisis in civil-military relationships”; Democrat voting record, Bill Clinton phone call “conspiracy theory”
0:19:08Obama “unfit” vs Constitution; Benghazi parent Charles Woods pestered by Carol CNN about Trump Khan apology; Khan: “mode of a bullshit artist”, Liz Mair: “loud mouthed dick”
0:27:52Only ABC reporting DNC firings; Joy Reid to Amy Kremer about 33k e-mails: “you can’t just invent things”; Dean Obeidallah goes nuts on Andre Bauer over Khan’s Clinton ties
0:38:26JCD on danger of Hillary losing steam; heavily-edited Hillary on families who “may not fully recall everything that was or wasn’t said”, Hillary’s tell: quick chuckle; possible spook Woods consults his diary; ACC reads Facebag rants, Michael Savage blocked on Facebag
0:52:10Hillary vows to raise taxes on middle class; Andrew Napolitano on CIA warning Hillary about arming Libyan militias, DNC hack by NSA, Assange promises October surprise; “stolen not leaked” meme, J’Johnson: no evidence it was Russians, Hillary’s new repeated “we know”; Assange corrects Chuck Todd on rape charges, “not the case” it was Russia
1:04:23Obama on “UN mandate” for our Libya bloodbath, Government of National Accord, bombing in Sirte Libya for “national security interests” (pipelines); DoD spokeshole Peter Cook badgered over “precision strikes” under 2001 AUMF
1:19:09Jill Stein’s viability; another lackluster Libertarian town hall
1:20:40Producer Segment
1:36:08Nuclear weapon “modern, high-precision” upgrades; Obama 2011 “world without nuclear weapons”; Dag Hammarskjöld assassination, CVC never heard of Heaven’s Gate suicides
1:42:54ABC propagates “Trump drops out” meme, down-ballot candidates apparently not in jeopardy; Chris Cuomo: “we couldn’t help her any more than we have” (CotD)
1:50:02Andrea Mitchell’s edited “discredited and long-denied accusation” of rape against Bill Clinton
1:53:21Tom Cotton on $1.7bn flown into Iran like a “drug cartel”, Brolf “cash on a pallet”, simultaneous prisoner release, Earnest: not a ransom, Kirby: “the timing is all coincidental”, Iranian media: ransom; JCD: Iran getting screwed; Judicial Watch e-mail FOIA efforts
2:06:08ACC likens Hillary to TV dinner and Trump to “Mom’s home cooking”, KFC & McDonald’s photos; bizarre story of dead FBI veteran sneaking into Trump Tower with suppressed pistol
2:11:59Melbourne bikini-clad Hillary graffiti, replaced with niqāb; reverse mortgages
2:17:43Donation Segment: ACC doing next show from New Jersey; skipping one after that
2:31:14Zika: 33 service members diagnosed, one square mile area in Miami, Andrew Horowitz: hipster restaurants in area doomed; “free” screening for pregnant women, vaccine trials dependent on funding, another new $500 test; running out of money everywhere, “homegrown mosquitoes”
2:43:21Military on alert due to Incirlik situation; Assange: NBC reported Erdoğan fleeing to Germany; London stabbing by Norwegian-Somali man, mental health meme; D.C. transit officer Nicholas Young entrapped by FBI in ISIS support case
2:53:34Berlin’s new airport woes; so-called “DARK Act” H.R.1599 becomes law, “proper” GMO labelling, state laws preempted; San Francisco’s Millennium Tower leaning and sinking