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846 Tardy Party (2016-07-28)

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0:00:00ACC: “Essentially twisted by porn.” JCD: “Yeah.” (2:43:14)
0:00:35ACC: the nonviolent civil war has begun on social media; Obama: “democracy doesn’t work if we constantly demonize each other”; Shields’ “no Trump-bashing” prediction vs JCD Trump-bashing compilation, Panetta: Trump “asked the Russians to interfere in American politics”; Robbie Mook: “experts are telling us that Russian state actors broke into the DNC”, Russians releasing e-mails meme, “pro-Russian” Republican platform changes, “experts” meme
0:14:16ACC and the Brain Professor spar over Slate article, “anti-anti-Russian bias”, “and then it happens: his wife jumps in”, “Adam: your right-wing bias is so fucking obvious!”; ACC on mouth-hitting: “do not try to convert people”; Netherlands 2002 parallel with Pim Fortuyn; JCD to friend: “look up the word bigot
0:28:08Chris Hayes on Trump as “Manchurian candidate for the Kremlin”, Matthews: “do we all agree the Russians hacked?”, Joy Reid: “yes!!”, Assange’s bad blood with administration, on WikiLeaks’ equal journalistic access; Michael Steel to Reid: less outrage over content
0:36:57ACC explains complex history behind Stewart-Hannity antagonism, Ailes’ Fox eviction; JCD on evidence O’Reilly is a Democrat, Dennis Miller steals “Kaine & Unable”
0:42:53NewsHour’s Brooks: “it wasn’t really treasonous, but it sorta felta sorta that way”, Amy Walter: “there’s an emoji going around”; Deutsche Welle: “he’s asking them to maybe hack the DNC some more, and hack the Clinton server”, “crime of espionage”, Trump: “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the thirty thousand e-mails that are missing, I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press”, Deutsche Welle hastily changes subject, context: “I have nothing to do with Putin”, lack of respect for current administration
0:51:21Bernie supporter walkout, only RT shows near-riot, “whole world is watching” chant; C-SPAN caller on Sanders vs Clinton income, ACC: “does she actually mention Pokémon in this clip?”
1:00:08CVC non-binary vs “boxes”, “is that when they captured bigfoot and threw him in the ocean?”
1:01:49DNC exploits girl in wheelchair with speech impediment, pledge of allegiance “where’s the flag”; “God Bless America” forbidden; format: {what I overcame, Trump’s a bully, Spanish, Trump dangerous, think of the children, woman as president, unity}; Mexican girl on Hillary’s “valiente”, illegal immigrants on stage; “Donald’s love affair with debt” skit, JCD on cognitive dissonance; Gavin Newsom: Pence for “diverting tax dollars to so-called conversion therapy”, ACC interprets “change their sexual behavior” w.r.t. AIDS; Hillary Rotten Clinton meme
1:16:25Elizabeth Warren on Trump’s “no real plans”; Hillary’s ISIS solution: “intelligence surge to get security officials the tools they need to prevent attacks”, assault weapon ban
1:21:42Producer Segment:; compromised Snopes on Gore inventing internet; Post’s “Trump’s lies”; Aufwachen! podcast; ACC’s “Make No Agenda Great Again” hat
1:47:41JCD “copious notes”: “tardy party” late starts vs GOP schedule, Loretta Lynch love meme; Scott Adams on overselling first woman president meme, Whoopi: “I can’t get mad that the system is rigged against the white guy” (CotD); Hollywood-style “in memoriam” segment, Barbara Mikulski: “we’ll fight for the macro issues, and for the macaroni and cheese issues”; Trump on “new numbers” for Obamacare in November, “I’ve got to take over this mess”; “four more years” chant for Obama
2:00:09Michelle Obama’s “thin skin” and “lash out” memes; O’Reilly deconstructs “house built by slaves”, JCD correction: “the White House was pretty much demolished and burned to the ground in 1814”; Bill Clinton half dead in balcony, JCD stories about meeting Arnold Toynbee, comatose-to-wired transitions; Rachel Maddow on Bill’s “girl” references to Hillary: “shocking and weird”; “this woman has never been satisfied”, “long full blessed life”
2:11:33Jerry Springer on Trump’s lack of public office experience, no mention of Obama or Bloomberg; black Trump supporter to CNN: “he’s not a racist … it’s a scam … we’re sick of you media!” (CotD); Trump body language analysis; Hungary’s Victor Orban pro-Trump on immigration; Black Men for Sanders coordinator Gary Frazier agrees with Katrina Pierson on DNC racism: “these aren’t the Republicans that are doing this to us!”, “Obama didn’t work … Oprah didn’t work”, Hillary Rosen: “that is disrespectful to the first lady”
2:22:44Last Week Tonight: “it is not okay for politicians to just take their songs”, elaborate music video Stop Using our Songs, Usher lies: “that’s licensing, you gotta call my publisher, okay?”
2:28:43Clinton Foundation “pay to play” investigation ordered by FBI and IRS; delegate: need to fight for the “little people”, JCD: condescending Hillary “looks like she doesn’t give a screw”
2:32:12Donation Segment
2:42:12Pornography as a public health crisis in Republican platform scoffed at by media; feedback from female producer Carly: “stop coming in my eyes, dude!”, CVC: lesbians are easier; JCD on porn in BBS era; The Bachelorette “what do I do?” iso
2:53:20Two more arrests in Nice truck attack, “no evidence” of ISIS link but ISIS takes credit; elderly priest murdered near Normandy, Hollande refers to war on Islamic militancy, archbishop: “love your enemies, is it possible?”; Erdoğan: former NATO commander Campbell behind coup, truck bomb at Kurdish headquarters; rumors of event at Dutch Caribbean festival, CVC: some kind of event expected; Merkel refuses to change immigration policy; music festival suicide bombing Germany’s first; Normandy priest had throat cut according to RT, locals and ABC: “stabbed”; Stengel prediction and Deutsche Welle on mental health treatment for refugees
3:05:47Canada rules against comedian Mike Ward for mocking Jérémy Gabriel’s disability, JCD story about not being allowed to call Microsoft a monopolist in Canadian publication