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845 Kaine & Unable (2016-07-24)

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0:00:00JCD: “Holy crap, look at all the boobs we got!” (2:34:49)
0:00:33Trump hour-plus speech, CBS “hyperbole”, ABC “dark”, “if Americans are not scared for their safety before tonight, they are tonight”, NBC “demagogue”, Amy Goodman quotes left-wing reviews, BLM’s Alicia Garza tweet: “I imagine this is the kind of speech Hitler would make”, David Duke response, Rachel Maddow on “praise from Donald Duke”, Duke’s unforgivable “stop wars”; Van Jones: Trump describing “Mad Max America”, “I’m terrified by it”
0:11:46Dana Bash implies Cruz was booed over “vote your conscience”; CBS lie: Ivanka “equal pay” a Hillary copycat, unedited: motherhood; Facebag screeching about plastic surgery & dress
0:18:21Pat Caddell: Trump “first American politician I can think of, to stand as a nominee and use the word corruption”; Trump screaming meme; JCD on Mussolini moves, ACC on right arm; John LeBoutillier: Trump rich and populist like Roosevelts and Kennedy, “when you’re rich and the little guy embraces you you can’t be beaten”; Mark Shields predicts no DNC Trump-bashing; Today Show “no morning in America speech” meme, 40-year Reagan cycle
0:37:37Trump speech highlights: “obsolete” NATO’s new counterterrorism effort; adds Q to LGBT; black & Latino poverty & unemployment; “law and order candidate”; “communities crushed by our horrible and unfair trade deals”; “history is watching us”, “I am your voice”
0:50:54Jon Stewart shilling for 9/11 Health and Compensation Reauthorization Act on Colbert: “there is no real America”; Elizabeth Warren: “take him out now”, Colbert: “are you a bully?”, Warren lies about nonexistent policies; Joe Kernen to Clinton Cash author: “where’s Woodward and Bernstein on any of this?”; Darrell Issa on Foundation “ongoing investigation”
1:07:03Chris Matthews: more celebrities at DNC, “city of brotherly love and sisterly affection”
1:08:38Producer Segment: Reutlingen woman killed with machete; Swiss “Gitmo Nation Fondue”
1:33:10Peter Thiel comes out at RNC, “fake culture wars only distract from our economic decline”
1:35:52Facebag censors DNC WikiLeaks links, ACC on venting frustration and spillover danger, JCD: Zuckerberg and his ilk “don’t give a hoot about what you just said”; ACC: expect bozo filter
1:46:22Republican “most anti-LGBT in history” platform: “two parents”, no mention of “LGBT” or conversion therapy; Democrat platform “Guarantee (fill in the blank) Rights” rundown
1:50:05DNC WikiLeaks: paid protesters, Washington Post Hillary fundraiser; Wasserman Schultz resigns in disgrace; Code Pink “raise a ruckus”; Vermin Supreme talking down Philly protesters
1:58:16Kirby notices reporter playing Pokémon Go, “did you get one?”
1:59:22Hillary chooses Tim Kaine for VP, Trump “lashing out” on Twitter at Sanders crowd, Sanders atheist WikiLeaks e-mail; vasectomy look, gaydar feedback; “soy católico”; Kaine & Unable
2:04:36Reutlingen machete wielder clobbered with BMW; Richard Engel draws “straight line” from Polish workers to Brexit; Christopher Dickey on Munich mall shooting: “we’re often talking as if we’re going to go to war with a billion Muslims”; JCD on Forbidden Planet monster creation; Andrea Mitchell lies about Trump “walking off stage”; JCD on Comcast’s legal jeopardy, ACC: “these people believe they’re objective”; Americans told to shelter in place in Munich; JCD on San Francisco Preparedness Day Bombing; ACC on George Carlin euphemisms
2:22:55Obama “people’d be scared” of a Turkey-style coup attempt in US; John Dickerson actually follows up with Obama on “making sure we divide our own country” to prevent terrorism; possible Anders Breivik link in Munich, left-handed shooter
2:27:15Donation Segment: online porn public health crisis; rainsticks for Santa Clarita
2:42:31Tech news: brand Snowden spook-proof phone case
2:47:08Gayane Chichakyan asks “another great accusatory question” about civilian casualties in Manbij airstrikes, JCD: “this guy has got to be the worst husband in the world”, Kirby: “no other military works as hard as ours … to prevent civilian causalities”, flashback to Barbara Starr: “willing to risk up to fifty civilian casualties”; Kirby shuts Chichakyan down, ACC: “what a dick!”, previous DoD spokeshole gig, JCD: “put the women back in this job!”
2:51:50“Payday loans” for Puerto Rico with $33.5bn interest on $4.3bn loan, “capital appreciation bonds”; JCD on bankers sinking economy if Trump wins