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844 Witch Hunt (2016-07-21)

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0:00:00ACC: (Hindi accent) “I believe, I am believing Q&A is very good right now.” (1:00:17)
0:00:33RNC “whoo!”, Stewie “whoa whoa whoa”, scheduling issues, bad PBS audio; ACC an “achievement crier”; Melania’s speech “plagiarism” episode, speechwriter Meredith McIver; The Art of the Deal ghostwriter Tony Schwartz turns against Trump, JCD on with vs and in credits
0:17:31McIver conspiracy theories, Melania hate from liberal women, JCD on “hate-filled” Whoopi
0:23:02Patricia Smith RNC tearjerker: “I blame Hillary Clinton”; PBS should learn to wear a Countryman, “Mara Liasson, why is it that this Benghazi episode gets so much attention, why does it resonate?”, “intense animus”, Joy Behar: speech “completely inappropriate”; “lock her up” chant during Chris Christie speech; “lifelong Browns fan” national anthem singer bio
0:34:58Ask Adam: retiring of the colors and “donate to No Agenda”; Dan Savage to Maher: Hillary “hate” and Rabin assassination, “zika virus, apparently she’s responsible for that”, “witch hunt” and Ben Carson Lucifer memes; horrified gasps at Michael Moore’s “I think Trump is going to win”, Maher: “Douchebag von Fuckface Trump” and “Thurston Shitbag III”; Moore: “on inaugural day he’s gonna walk into the White House and go, what a dump!”, Pence the COO; Pence cast as conversion therapy anti-gay, revised Religious Freedom Restoration Act
0:49:17Obama strategist David Plouffe: “I never paid attention to polls”; ACC mishears Donna Brazile looking around at “chicks”; pastor Darrell Scott invokes “preserve, protect, and defend”, Michael Mukasey: Hillary wants to “take the Constitutional oath of office after already having violated it”; Antonio Sabàto: “we had a Muslim president for seven and a half years”
0:59:51Virginian with thick Indian accent reads RNC delegate totals: “wart” and “bunghole” (CotD); Brian Williams ironically asking about Hillary’s integrity; Rachel Maddow issues trigger warning for anti-Hillary buttons, Chris Hayes spells out “bitch” to Marsha Blackburn, “invective”; Cruz loses the crowd and is booed, JCD Red Book: Cruz endorses Trump near end of campaign, Joy Reid “third world dictatorship”, Chris Matthews on Cruz’ “bad behavior”; We Are the Champions controversy, CBS sneaks in a Melania jab, Lanham Act recap
1:20:19CBS portrays Cleveland as ghost town; Maher on norovirus outbreak: “if you see the Trump boys, just Sieg Heil and walk right on by”, lies about laws “that allow restaurants not to feed gay people, as Jesus would have wanted”; Hillary yells about “coding” jobs
1:27:33Producer Segment: ACC’s USPS beer
1:42:37Nevada GOP chairman Michael McDonald: Vegas “most entertaining capital city”
1:43:59Bob Graham pretends to speculate about decision to classify 9/11 28 pages; lawyer “Lionel” on possible fallout from litigation against Saudi Arabia, “a change from warfare to lawfare”; Helen Thomas passes away, forced to retire for “get the Hell out of Palestine”; Rachel Maddow carefully avoids terrorism with Nice attack motivation, MSNBC “don’t know real motives” compilation, Crusades meme; “wildest dreams” comedy bit
1:59:12US-backed Nour al-Din al-Zenki behead boy in Aleppo; Matt Lee to Kirby: “give you pause?”
2:00:02CBS cuts from RNC to put Hillary on Charlie Rose, danger of Trump “being near the nuclear code”; Wasserman Schultz: “difference of opinion” with Comey on transparency; Trump charms Stephanopolous; CBS native ads for Clue & Netflix
2:10:06HSBC manager arrested for currency rigging; Julián Castro: Trump “scoffed at POWs”, JCD on Gavin Newsom for VP, risk of alienating male WASPs; Trump & Epstein rape lawsuit
2:24:14Turkey coup: IEDs near presidential palace, power out at Incirlik, no MSM mention of Gülen; Mark Toner: extradition request welcome “with the evidence that we believe, or that they would offer”, JCD on Erdoğan “tearing up” extradition treaty for ISIS; Turkey revokes 3200+ ham radio licenses; ISIS axe & knife attacks in Germany, majority of refugees have papers; 2009 EC document: 60M migrant workers needed by 2050
2:33:38Putin to ban Pokémon Go so Russian children aren’t doing CIA work for them
2:34:58Producer Segment:
2:43:34Australian school near Sydney introduces clapping alternatives: “silent cheering”; “drunkorexia” on college campuses; toast places everywhere; Milo’s Twitter ban over Ghostbusters review, “heinous” tweets at Leslie Jones, social media “expert”: blocking not effective, “onslaught of hate”, JCD: “I have an idea: don’t go on Twitter”, Dan Aykroyd to Entertainment Tonight: “you’re looking at obese white men between 50 and 60 who are active Klan members or members of the Aryan Nation” (CotD); low Ghostbusters viewer Rotten Tomatoes reviews
2:57:49Planned obsolescence for LED light bulbs; ACC’s Philips Hue firmware upgrade
3:00:44Parents of kid killed by alligator will not be suing Disney
3:02:25White Boy Privilege kid’s Paideia School, based on Swedish model to fight anti-Semitism and promote multiculturalism