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843 Save the Date (2016-07-17)

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0:00:00JCD: (into tube) “Open up, sanity police! Open up, open the door!” (2:23:11)
0:00:33Police officers killed in Baton Rouge; BLM’s McKesson’s Open Society Institute street address
0:03:379/11 28 pages released, JCD: “an incredible indictment of Saudi Arabia”, CIA vs FBI; CBS: “two investigations have found no evidence that the Saudi government supported them”, Josh Earnest: no Saudi institutional funding, NewsHour kicker quotes Saudi ambassador: “information absolutely exonerates his government” (CotD)
0:13:48Nice attack coverage only on Sky News; ISIS claims responsibility, driver Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel “radicalized very quickly”, history of mental illness, Richard Stengel Show 842 prediction; Catherine Herridge on “celebratory” tweets, trucks in Fall 2010 Inspire, former Bush speechwriter: “ultimate mowing machine”, ACC: “he probably wrote it!”, Megyn Kelly on Obama droning al-Awlaki; Maajid Nawaz points to Charlie Hebdo and veil ban, “I use the phrase self starter” instead of “lone wolf”; Dr. Zuhdi Jasser on “political theocratic Islam”
0:28:57Hollande extends emergency by three months; July 23 EuroPride “save the date”; Gingrich: sharia “incompatible with Western civilization”, imams plug their mosques to Kelly; Theresa May to investigate sharia legal compatibility, JCD: “how is it different from a men’s club?”
0:43:08French Prime Minister: “we should learn to live with terrorism”; intelligence chief Patrick Calvar warns of civil war; John Bolton to Jeanine Pirro on sketchy Bataclan torture testimony
0:52:18Bolton on coup to re-secularize Turkey, demand for Gülen extradition; Wes Clark: “lots of mistakes”, Noriega anecdote; NATO/US on Turkey map; How to Stage a Military Coup; Carlos Latuff “fact of fiction” cartoon; RT on purge “conspiracy theories”; Erdoğan’s flights
1:09:38Nuland, Kerry, & Biden in Moscow on day of coup; Trudeau on policy shift: “I would dispute that”, Matt Lee: “what??”, gives up in disgust; unedited clip with Josh Earnest’s absurdly long pauses: “the kinds of actions (6 seconds) that we’ve been hoping they would take (CotD)
1:21:37ACC: Syria stalled, CNN Gülen backgrounder, “warning shot” for Erdoğan, parliament building bombed; Incirlik Air Base on high alert; Operation Valkyrie anniversary
1:34:21Producer Segment: “half-ass” $227.50 donation; San Francisco $4 artisanal toast
1:47:43ACC on Industrial Society and its Future, terrorism, & social media; JCD story on woman running off from gas station playing Pokémon Go; five signs of addictive personality checklist; Niantic’s other popular game Ingress; ACC’s peculiar iOS autocorrect behavior
2:01:42Megyn Kelly on Mike Pence choice: marriage “getting off to a rocky start”; Michelangelo Signorile’s Nice attack conspiracy theory; ACC: “Koch Brothers butt boy”, shoot Trump and install Pence; Ruth Bader Ginsburg apology; anti-Trump open letter from technology “leaders”
2:13:31“We just lost Brianna Keilar” after mention of Hillary’s support for mass black incarceration
2:14:46Donation Segment
2:29:55ALARACT social media policy; call for bogus qualitative analysis in Harvard police racism study; guest to Hartmann: “right-wing hatemongers and hate media are dancing on the graves of black folks killed by police”, need “common sense”; BLM hijack Toronto gay pride parade
2:43:07New York suspected female-to-male zika transmission; Imperial College: three-year burnout
2:45:08CBS on internet as “community of hate”; RNC convention security, “no credible threat”; UN peacekeepers’ use of force to protect civilians; Oxfam urges lifting of Cuba embargo
2:54:30Migrant camp ner Clooney’s mansion in Italy; Germany’s not-so-stellar migrant employment numbers; Yanis Varoufakis styles self as EU whistleblower; Ben Hodges:NATO needs “military Schengen zone”; Pew Research: 51% of Americans personally fear terrorism