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842 CannMed (2016-07-14)

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0:00:00JCD: “Talk about overkill!”
0:00:32JCD on the disappearance of boxcars; ACC back from Vegas
0:02:00Pokémon Go released in Germany, prohibited at Auschwitz Museum, Niantic Inc’s In-Q-Tel connection, mental health benefit claims, ACC on augmented reality virtues, Suarez’ Daemon
0:14:22Maher to Matthews: Hillary “demonized more than anybody else”, needed server “because Democrats do work”, right-wing issues “imaginary”; The View’s token Republican tries to explain “born classified”, Comey “appointed by President Bush” lie; Lynch stonewalls House Judiciary Committee, repeated “team” meme, “I think the statutes … speak for themselves”, Goodlatte on “sworn oath to uphold the United States Constitution and the laws thereunder”
0:27:30Superdelegate Rep. Corrine Brown indicted on bogus charity slush fund, blames Orlando shooting on investigation; two-to-the-head for DNC staffer Seth Rich, Clinton election rigging
0:34:50Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Trump “a faker”, Trump tweet: “her mind is shot, resign”; Toobin: “this is not how Supreme Court justices have talked traditionally”
0:42:29Lynch calls in to BET/MTV town hall, Pusha T: “police the police”, millennial: “they hunt us down like dogs and gorillas”, founders “white straight Christian men, right?” vs gay James Buchanan, white privilege “resources”; viral “White Boy Privilege” poetry, Race Class & Gender class; BTLM’s Cherno Biko: “the police killed the majority of the people at Pulse”, “demilitarize, defund, and disarm”, JCD on police tank in small town manhunt
0:55:16Harvard Roland Fryer study on race and police use of force, MSNBC’s Eugene Robinson on looking “qualitatively”, Mike Barnicle: “I got a headache reading it”, “we refer to studies instead of the reality” (CotD); Bill Maher: Republican party “obvious choice” for racists, “a black family eating off the White House china”; Cameron: “two-nil” with Theresa May
1:04:08BLM’s DeRay McKesson’s text message mention Baton Rouge event, Ashleigh Banfield reads “officer friendly” and “ethnic cleansing” tweets, police exploiting “climate of fear and chaos”; Don Lemon town hall: Baton Rouge “routine police call”, 56% increase in shooting of cops
1:12:35Former Ferguson police chief on HUD “concentrated poverty”; Michael Glennon’s National Security and Double Government legacy vs efficient government; Neill Franklin: “most of black people also fear the young black man”; Gov. Mark Dayton’s dumb “if the driver were white” comment; Jesse Jackson mumbling, AK-47s “can bring down airplanes”
1:27:10Producer Segment: Sir Ramsey Cain DefCon meetup
1:38:31Feedback from JCD’s Dinner with the O-bots; proposed sports podcast
1:46:21Michael Glennon answers question on Obama White House’s embrace of cyber
1:50:0533 people in Brooklyn react bizarrely to synthetic drug K2; Harvard CannMed 2016 a “possible harbinger”, Reefer Madness, Mimi’s CBD for arthritis & epilepsy; White House legalization petitions; Raphael Mechoulam on endocannabinoid system; ACC: save your seeds
2:08:58Donation Segment: producer $33.33 at gas station with boat “No Agenda”
2:21:01Ash Carter announces 560 additional troops for Mosul, Kirby: “it ain’t mission creep if the mission ain’t changin’”; South Sudanese accent, 47 US troops “rushed” in, 4M threatened by famine, JCD: “where’s Clooney?”; ACC’s Libyan driver; State Department’s Richard Stengel on ISIS recruiting the mentally ill, “not all television, not all terrorism is ISIL-based”
2:31:56Rep. Joseph Crowley proposes background checks for those with “criminal thoughts”; Rep. Keith Ellison on Wall Street role; Cameron “we love your show” joke, ACC on coked-up Bush 43, JCD on #10 Downing Street bricks