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841 Summer of Chaos (2016-07-10)

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0:00:00JCD: “Are they doing it for people who are too stupid to figure out how to listen to a podcast?”
0:00:35Podcast Award achievement unlocked in news & politics category
0:01:59Six-Week Cycle replacement; Alton Sterling’s rap sheet, Philando Castile’s anything-but-routine traffic stop, ACC’s 1987 Porsche story, taillight meme vs police radio clip, cool and collected Lavish “Diamond” Reynolds video, odd social media posts, producer feedback on Castile, “black people should be disarmed” meme
0:17:54Obama on Dallas shootings: “when people are armed with powerful weapons, unfortunately it makes attacks like these more deadly and more tragic”, Loretta Lynch on “fallen” officers, weight gain, “we must take a hard look at the ease with which wrongdoers can get their hands on deadly weapons, and the frequency with which they use them”; DPD chief addresses retention problem, $45k per year salary; Brian Williams resurrects John F. Kennedy for viewers “of a certain age”, ACC: “what a pompous twat”; local media struggle to count shooters; Micah Xavier Johnson’s social media takedown, BLM materials
0:31:49“Lone shooter” Johnson blowed up supposedly with C-4 yet identified immediately; Dallas mayor on hospitalized officers: “we’re pretty close to getting rid of all of them at the hospital”
0:39:43BLM co-founder DeRay McKesson’s “summer of chaos” for GOP convention; no “see something say something” from DPD; Johnson’s neighbor on “take people lives that he didn’t even know”; Rep. Cedric Richmond: Congress co-conspirators in “systematic devaluation” of black lives; NAACP’s Sherrilyn Ifill: BLM never anti-police, anti-police Rev. Jeff Hood, CNN’s Angela Rye: “there are rogue cops who shoot black people for sport”
1:00:11Missouri police officer ambushed during traffic stop; Minnesota protest “pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon” chant; “bellicose” Trump meme
1:07:43JCD Dinner with the O-bots: ASU professor & John Markoff, $50 GOP Trump dump wager
1:13:20Producer Segment: Incognegro’s Hillary as Game of Thones’ Cersei Lannister theory
1:22:47Kellyanne Conway beaten up by Hillary supporters, encouraged by Don Lemon; Comey to Tim Walberg on “negligent” and criminal intent, to Chaffetz: “what do you mean by wrong?”, “I hope folks remember what I said on Tuesday, I didn’t say there’s no consequence”, Hitler’s Volk, JCD: “walk her out!”, basement e-mail server, no lies to FBI “in a case we’re working”, Chaffetz on Congressional referral: “you’ll have one”; Trey Gowdy’s series of “was that true” questions, Comey refuses to answer on Clinton Foundation; Abedins’s meeting Hillary story
1:40:09Hillary lies to Brolf: Comey “clarified” about carelessness, throws State Department under the bus, lies about portion marking, dodges question on cooperating with State Department
1:47:46Bakari Sellers repeatedly substitutes Donald Trump for Saddam Hussein
1:49:56Donation Segment: ACC heading to Vegas for TtK’s birthday
2:01:43H.R.320 Rapid DNA Act field DNA collection; producer tips for buying cigars in Cuba
2:08:17ISIS’ new golden dinar; Canada to change anthem lyrics; Barroso joins Goldman Sachs
2:10:44Topic Wheel: Hawaii Five-0’s crappy writing; Eric Garner videographer to serve jail time
2:17:35FCC & FEC concerned about political correctness and “protecting freedom on the internet”; The Blaze documents Dutch Muslims harassing Jews; Facebag suspends account of German Boundless Criminal author Udo Ulfkotte; German rape laws revised; th3j35t3r’s “internet AWACS” powered by Watson, JCD: Mr. Robot native ad
2:30:00Silent Circle warrant canary dead; Syrian rebels’ US-sourced equipment abandoned to ISIS due to botched air support