Call Clooney!

840 Hemicycle (2016-07-07)

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0:00:00JCD: “A lot of them look like they’d put out.” (1:00:31)
0:00:32Router reboot; ACC completes Thirteen Colonies special event minus Delaware
0:01:42Comey recommends no indictment, interleaved Hillary vs Comey clips; e-mails deleted by lawyers “to preclude complete forensic recovery”; Andrea Mitchell server likely hacked by “Russia, Chiner”, Jonathan Allen: “devastating moment”, Trevor Noah: “your lies have besmirched the Clinton name, a name synonymous with inte…, you know, that’s not the point”; JCD: Trump can only beat Hillary; Trump on “thirty-three thousand e-mails that were wiped out” (CotD); Alberto Gonzalez: Comey has no business saying “no reasonable prosecutor”
0:17:17ACC: “Jim Comey for president”; conclusion analyzed, win for Trump as long as Sanders & Warren kept out; the other e-mails: 27 month delay sought in Teneo Holdings case
0:28:42Hillary Rosen anti-Semitism meme, “we’re against gays and lesbians”; Hillary campaign e-mails: Robbie Mook and “pitch in”, Mimi vs Bill merge-purge; PBS lawyers squabble over which law was broken; Martha Raddatz injects “crooked” into Trump tweet
0:41:46Obama arrogantly refers to himself in third person, of Hillary: “there has never been any, man or woman, more qualified for this office”, epic “even even, even even” stammer
0:46:35RT on Hillary e-mail contents: Syrian intervention by Google and Al Jazeera, sectarian war on Assad’s fall, Libyan oil for France & UK; JCD story of meeting Eric Schmidt
0:49:21Anophiliphobe Trump: “I don’t like mosquitoes!”; Tarik Ali on Trump’s Iraq “Harvard for terrorism”: “how can one deny the truth of what he’s saying?” to dismay from Amy Goodman
0:54:46Bernie calls Brolf “Jake” five times; Gretchen Carlson sues Roger Ailes; Megyn Kelly’s BDSM outfit, Fox Business puts Morgan Ortagus in the gams chair, Carolyn Heldman & Paula Zahn
1:05:05WETA PBS “fireworks fix” with file footage, “the Milli Vanilli of fireworks”
1:07:30Producer Segment
1:19:46Chilcot report excoriates Tony Blair government; WMD expert David Kelly’s mysterious “suicide”; sister of dead soldier: Blair the terrorist, Blair: “for that decision, today, I accept full responsibility”; George Michael’s Shoot the Dog and career tailspin
1:28:16Iran nuclear deal diplomat Thomas Pickering a Boeing lobbyist; second alligator in Orlando
1:33:28LBC’s Katie Hopkins on wearing safety pins to signal safe spaces; OZY on denying the vote to retirees, ACC interview by Pooja Bhatia in the can for later
1:40:39NewsHour: DEA misses own deadline to re-evaluate marijuana scheduling; The Lancet: Prozac the only antidepressant effective for children, Effexor suicide risk
1:46:04German foreign minister Steinmeier complains about NATO’s Baltic “saber rattling”, pan-Eurasian security agreement proposal; Frans Timmermans to European Parliament “hemicycle”: “those … who have asked for the head of Jean-Claude Juncker: that is politically weak, morally questionable, intellectually lazy”, JCD: “maybe he went through the reeducation”
2:01:06Donation Segment
2:12:53Two Dutch soldiers killed in Mali by “salted” ammo likely from US; JCD’s IR-reflecting tape
2:17:05Capitol Hill drinking water lead contamination; ACC water testing and SodaStream bubblification device, JCD recommends ZeroWater; fluoride docility; “sham organization” MADD
2:26:45New book The Slaughter on organ harvesting in China; millennials selling plasma and ova
2:31:40Venezuela’s economic crisis; 50 FBI agents die in line of duty per year; US #27 ranking in murder statistics; White House pushing machine learning, Dutch rechtwijzer online legal help
2:45:39Life-size Noah’s Ark in Kentucky; Obama to leave 8400 troops in Afghanistan