Call Clooney!

83 One Too Many Clips (2009-03-25)

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0:00:41Still working on the intro timing; clips from JCD; ACC ridiculing Chris Dodd and his wife; JCD’s pile of goose eggs in the yard, “there’s a goose involved” in French custards
0:08:37And Now Back to Real News: Top Gear told by BBC to cut budget by £200k
0:10:26Obama press conference, reporters with IFBs, Ann Compton: “I am surprised” at being called out of turn; @teleprompterone & @totus memes, new prompter location
0:14:02Obama holy trinity on Leno: “healthcare and energy and education”, JCD on three adjectives for strong argument, “deficit numbers” fourth third of trinity at press conference; “bend the curve” using healthcare to reduce deficit via IT investment, Baxter/DynPort/CSC windfall
0:25:38Obama on AIG delay: “I like to know what I’m talking about before I speak”; to Fox: no need for global currency; disingenuous puker Shep Smith bitches about networks called on
0:31:49Pentagon memo: global war on terror overseas contingency operation; German listener on SDR 1969 origin with The Lord of the Rings; JCD: war on meat, ACC: Twitter ePenis
0:35:23And Now Back to Real News: teen paints 60-foot phallus on roof of parents’ £1M Berkshire mansion; Brits ironically outraged at capture by Google street view; Metropolitan police warn against looking at CCTV cameras; amusing @TSABlogTeam; ACC: MEP Nigel Farage drills Gordon Brown “an asshole the size of the Lincoln Tunnel”, “I remember very well your first big act as Chancellor, when you sold 400 metric tons of gold … at $275 an ounce”
0:42:50New Obama term “blue-chip forecasters”; 60 Minutes interview, committing 17k troops to Afghanistan before “the completion of a strategic review”, difficulty of “signing a condolence letter”; Barney Frank to 365 Gay: DOMA should not go before SCotUS because “that homophobe Antonin Scalia has got too many votes”; Obama on persistence and “inheriting varied knotty problems”; Letterman “Prompter or No Prompter” Obama vs Bush segment
0:48:09Obama “no” on scientific consensus; new Al Gore book Our Choice; rainwater capture illegal in Colorado, UK “garden butts”; EU Council President and climate skeptic Mirek Topolánek’s failed government for “not playing ball”; UK Parliament all-in on carbon footprint labeling; Belfast Telegraph on $125bn Iraq Ponzi scheme; $300M Afghan weapons contract with 22-year-old Miami Beach kid; Obama’s mother worked for Geithner’s father, Chris Dodd’s wife on AIG subsidiary board; warrants for 79.9% of AIG to avoid debt consolidation
0:57:32ACC’s new love Rep. Michele Bachmann quizzes Geithner about global currency, AIG derivatives and public-private partnership 95% guaranteed by FDIC, critical Bachmann question cut off by mush-mouthed Barney Frank, JCD: “maybe they can put her on a private plane”; constituent Bachmann feedback: “she’s certainly insane”, Barney Frank as Scooby-Doo
1:06:25FedEx Express 80 crash at Narita; 14-17 killed in overloaded Pilatus PC-12 crash in Montana, ACC: “it’s called the PC-12 for a reason!”; JCD on Kenmore Air flights from Boeing Field to Port Angeles; ACC “Shelley Berman moment”
1:09:33Reptilian Sen. Jay Rockefeller on cybersecurity hazards, “it really almost makes you ask the question, would it have been better if we had never invented the internet”
1:11:55JCD donation plug revisited; And Now Back to Real News: Michelle Obama “sleevegate”; UK curriculum to exclude Victorian era and WWII; MIAC Missouri Information Analysis Center “you might be a terrorist” checklist; Rahm Emanuel on disarming watch listers; Ron Paul H.R.1207 update; drug-running whistleblower George Weber found stabbed to death
1:25:22National Security Advisor James Jones: “I take my daily orders from Dr. Kissinger”
1:27:32“Fibonacci confluence levels” reached in markets; No Agenda iPhone app released