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839 Spatchcock (2016-07-03)

Show 839 album art
0:00:00JCD: “Torture torture torture everybody.” (0:48:35)
0:00:34Show 838’s backup sound level fail; red biplane guy from Valentines Day ditches into Lake Travis, JCD: “and then they went home and took a bath with candles all over the place”
0:06:26No definitive election winner in Australia; Norbert Hofer may “seize power” in Austria do-over
0:12:36Former CIA Clare Lopez on Benghazi “false narrative”, Pastor Jon vs Terry Jones videos; the “great job” Hillary did in Libya; widow Dorothy Woods and Hillary’s “time to move on”
0:21:49Settlement for seven-year-old Cameroon boy killed by Samantha Power’s motorcade; Ataturk Airport bombing linked to Chechen Akhmed “One-Arm” Chatayev, asylum in Austria, Russian extradition opposed by Amnesty International; Nord Stream 2, Israel’s Leviathan gas ready to go somewhere, Harold Rhode on Israel-Turkey bad blood; (((this))) revisited
0:33:22Diplomat vs Russian security guard, Kirby blames Putin and dodges all questions
0:37:40Khalid al-Masri’s bogus CIA seizure and torture for months while deciding “exit strategy”; Brennan at CFR on 28 pages: “I defer to others who have that decision-making responsibility”; perfectly-timed three-day weekend release of White House droning numbers with Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria numbers classified and excluded; CIA-funded prisons in Romania
0:49:12Assad: Syria secretly aided vs ISIS by Western governments, former NATO commander Philip Breedlove pushed against White House to escalate Ukraine conflict; Guccifer’s disappearance
0:59:37Native ads galore for Burger King Mac n’ Cheetos
1:04:27Producer Segment
1:14:08C-SPAN vintage nomination speeches, George Castanza-esqe Dukakis’ “precious gift of literacy”, Goldwater NWO “Atlantic civilization”; Juncker frets over dirigeants d’autres planètes
1:29:05Theresa May eyes prime ministership; London Brexit protest, “the NHS needs the EU”, Bob Geldof, freedom of movement meme; EU proposes pension takeover, JCD on advantage erasure
1:42:11Adrian Wu: LGBT insufficient because of nonbinarism; Ash Carter defends transgender service members, ACC: “we’ve gone from Klinger on M*A*S*H to this”, McCain promises hearings
1:47:44Lynch admits Clinton meeting mistake to Trump mockery, Andrea Mitchell 3x “conspiracy theory”; FBI photo ban; Gayle King: “public” meeting, Mark Halperin: “Bill Clinton is a really social guy, right?”, empty SCotUS offer; CNN announces no indictment; Lynch “career agents” meme, “I fully expect to accept their recommendations”, ACC: “poor Bill”
2:00:36Possible Hillary VP Tim Kane’s $160k in gifts; JCD on Joni Ernst as ideal Trump running mate; new robocall “caller #11” scheme
2:08:16ACC has changed from “Mimi” to “Bill”, Trump e-mails now using “chip in”, see Hamilton with Hillary; The Economist and others offering paid coverage packages for think tanks
2:17:22Donation Segment
2:26:27Elie Wiesel dead at 87; how to “spatchcock” a chicken; JCD mashup with Loretta Lynch
2:28:42Planned Parenthood whines about lack of zika funding for “family planning”, CDC admits ignorance, Florida’s first zika-linked microcephaly case; Texas abortion clinic law struck down
2:38:23New NATO headquarters looking like Nazi ᛋᛋ symbol from above
2:40:59Hong Kong denounces bookseller kidnappings on 19th anniversary of return; Putin in Japan
2:42:45Former Navy SEAL killed driving Tesla under 18-wheeler, reported only after money raised, shareholder lawsuit Hell, vintage “broken knees ram into the dashboard” Jack Webb video
2:50:02Proposed California mileage tax; New York City reading 3M licens plates per day
2:55:16New California gun law rundown; Trump sign vandals outraged at being held at gunpoint