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838 Hillary and the Vase (2016-06-30)

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0:00:00JCD: “What is the point of this messaging, it’s bullcrap!” (1:18:12)
0:00:36Podcast Award in news & politics category achieved; JCD on general podcast audio
0:07:33Crisis of Character by Gary Byrne, “Hillary and the vase”; Bill’s girlfriend Eleanor Mondale; FBI vs Secret Service, Clintons’ FBI background checks on opponents, Hillary’s tommy gun
0:20:32Benghazi report: damning timeline with three-hour meeting on explaining attack with video; Charles Krauthammer on Obama “nowhere to be seen” during crisis; Mark Toner with giant binder lies about “we … did the best we could to convey the facts as we knew them at the time”; October surprise and CIA gun-running operation; video “played a role”
0:31:44Elizabeth Kennedy Trudeau on Jordanian intelligence running off with arms meant for anti-Assad rebels: “we have no comment … there is an ongoing investigation”, Fast and Furious gun used in Paris attacks, Matt Lee on who is investigating: White House “referred the questions to the State Department and to the FBI”, “I’m gonna hold my breath, how long should I hold it?”; Patricia Smith: “I’d like to see her in stripes”; Sinaloa scheme revisited; Toner on runway uniform changes, JCD on YPG patches “like challenge coins”
0:49:56Brennan at CFR, Leave it to Beaver cadence, dangers of genome editing, CIA, the dangers of old people, SAI stratospheric aerosol injection, “would also raise a number of challenges for our gubmint”; “we know the Iranians very well, just saying”; Kerry on arms sales to Iran: “it’s complex, folks”, folks = idiots, Kerry ISIS “on the run” vs McCaul “they’re on the rise”
1:14:19Istanbul airport bombing: no attack on North American airport in past year; using Facebag & Twitter “things that wouldn’t necessarily be made public”, JCD: “they do that now, who is she kidding?”; General Michael Flynn: “ISIS, they actually counterattack in San Bernardino, in Orlando”, Megyn Kelly to Flynn: airport security a “banal comfort check”; Orlando SWAT barrage, JCD on autopsies: “oh shit, there’s another police bullet
1:27:09Producer Segment: JCD’s deep dive into Mandela effect; JCD vs Sir Atomic Rod part 2
1:47:16Farage to EP on Brexit: “I know that virtually none of you have ever done a proper job in your lives”; Amanpour squabbles with MEP Daniel Hannan; Van Jones: “this is the end of the world as we know it”, “they don’t wanna have nothin’ to do with nobody, period, except for people who look exactly like them, basically white folks in Britain” vs “good thoughtful liberal people”; JCD on stock market rebound, Soros gold; “vast abysst of stupidity”, JCD: “The Abysst is actually a bar in South Brooklyn”; Scott Adams on new Clinton “crazy racist” winning meme; Trump: Patton “wasn’t one to give out information on television”
2:10:572008 campaign clips: “shame on you Barack Obama”, “she’ll say anything and change nothing”
2:12:36Charlie Rose on Clinton-Lynch meeting in Phoenix: “two politicians saying hello”, ACC: Lynch for SCotUS, JCD: “she’s a twerp too”, “hysterical” Elizabeth Warren
2:19:28Clinton body count: DNC money laundering witness dead one day before testifying
2:20:46Donation Segment
2:30:56RT on French labor protests vs EU reforms; Erdoğan’s apology; Mimi’s ethics complaint
2:38:00Barrow Alaska mayor looking to move $1bn town infrastructure inland; Oakland bans coal
2:43:20MKULTRA monarch butterfly puts in appearance at North American Caucus
2:46:17NPR on FBI Six-Week Cycle informants: social media and “encrypted communications that the FBI has been able to break”, JCD: “don’t make new friends”, Newberg judge: plot created by FBI but no entrapment, “predisposed to that mindset”, ACC: “it’s pre-crime!”
2:53:37California to put recreational marijuana on ballot again