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837 Close the Chunnel! (2016-06-26)

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0:00:00ACC: “Just stop there for a second, is that not the very definition of bigotry?” (1:03:24)
0:00:40JCD calls for a Calexit; ACC ARRL Field Day report, JCD on flat HDTV fractal antennas
0:05:4133M Brexit ballots, CNN cut off cheering; Amanpour on leave campaign’s “hard right very very xenophobic anti-immigrant very populist nationalist white identity politics”, JCD on EU as slow-motion WWIII, stupidity meme; Fox News on Obama visit backfire, Trump-Brexit parallel, EU electric teakettle “ban”; Council of Europe lobbying group, yellow card system
0:20:02Do-over petition “signatures”, “I’m European” protest signs, “can’t leave” meme; Post’s millennial Catherine Rampell: Trump “gives voice to their anger”, buyer’s remorse meme, “anti-intellectual attitude that has taken root around the world”; JCD on “I voted even though it wouldn’t matter” meme; Max Keiser & ABC on “what’s the EU” Google search; swastika golf ball “slam” for Trump; MSNBC on voter anger and fear thanks to “economic elites”
0:35:23Merkel tweet: now there will be wars, ACC’s friend Michel on Gibraltar, ACC: “it’s like Crimea!”; Max Keiser: City of London at “nexus of the European center for money laundering and other financial crimes”; HMS Cornwall and Iran incident; Tom Llamas mocks Trump Scotland visit; ACC’s “slammed” mind control trick
0:46:19NewsHour on EU “very much an American project”; Salman Rushdie fatwa upped to $4M, Cameron in 2011: “under the doctrine of state multiculturalism we’ve encouraged different cultures to live separate lives … apart from the mainstream”, “hands-off tolerance”; British Mohammad image takedowns after Charlie Hebdo; “demagogue” & “divorce” memes
1:01:38Brooks blames Brexit on “less well-educated ethnic nationalism”, elites’ “anti-democratic, a condescending, and a snobbish attitude about popular democracy”, “Trumpian nationalism”; Atlantic Council elite Dr. Jeffrey Gedmin’s reassurances; Napolean & Merkel; WWII veteran: “I have my country back” from Germans; Brussels “rule-writing factory”; CBS on Farage’s “Independence Day”, “the old have determined what kind of country the young will live in”
1:18:06Theresa May for PM; Tucker Carlson to Van Susteren: “Trumpism … is another word for nationalism”, banking uncertainty, JCD on depression cycles, {D, N, Sw}exit collapse trigger, French “open the Chunnel” strategy, producer PMUK Brexit jingle; Juncker “very sad”, Merkel speculates about “consequences”; JCD: “the Scots are the worst”
1:36:45Producer Segment: avoid “ISIS” in PayPal notes; Sir Atomic Rod’s JCD ship captain gripe
2:04:43Judge Napolitano on Orlando shooting: “nobody died until 5:13 in the morning” when SWAT entered (CotD), timeline rundown, ACC: “someone’s got some ‘splainin’ to do on that”, Mateen’s frantic web searches, SSRIs; JCD imagines police saying “you wanna go shoot some gays?”; Milo Yiannopoulos: “just call them the gays”, definition of “community”
2:15:55Democracy Now Sanders “it is not normal” on homeless children, new elite Hillary backers; Harry Walker checklist for securing a Hillary speech, $1k for transcript; Cosby’s $300 per night
2:25:40Lagarde on tax-exempt IMF salary: “everything is global except tax”, Fifi’s France problem; “thick crocodile skin”, BEPS base erosion and profit shifting, “it needs global leadership”
2:35:37Donation Segment: “sayin’ it all along” jingle
2:48:28Counter Extremism Project to use child porn scrubbing technology to remove “terrorist-related content” via NORex National Office for Reporting Extremism, cat pictures false analogy
2:54:15Cory Lewandowsky hired by CNN
2:55:31Insider feedback on Democrat sit-in as fundraiser; Charlie Rangel on New York City concealed carry permits for elites: “I think we deserve… I think we need to be protected down here”