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836 Proof She’s Human (2016-06-23)

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0:00:00JCD: “What are you talking about, is there some gay app called Adam2Adam?” (0:37:11)
0:00:36JCD’s garbage police “skulking” around; ACC can’t wait to flee media bullcrap in the woods
0:02:06Brexit vote happening right now, current odds 18%; BBC’s questionable role in pushing English; Brexit as secession; CBS “uncertainty is already hurting” vs British factory operator saying no such thing; NewsHour man on the street: “shut that bloody tunnel up, mate”, EU vs organic pig farming; John Oliver racism bullcrap; Juncker warns “out is out” vs Article 50
0:23:58Lynch promises partial transcript of communication between Orlando shooter and negotiators which never materializes; 911 transcripts partially redacted and then unredacted, media accused of creating “unnecessary distraction”; Lynch “hatred and intolerance” vs Ash Carter “ISIL … wants to spread its evil ideology”; Lynch: “our most effective response to terror and to hatred is compassion it’s unity, and it’s love”; disappearing wife; Mateen HIV question
0:33:36Mateen’s former lover “Miguel”: “he hate gay Puerto Ricans for all the bad thing they do to him”, Pulse vs Parliament, Mateen’s father’s “gay people is the devil” views; Lynch calls for LGBBTQQIAAP “community” to come out of the closet; possibly fake rainbow at vigil
0:48:35Local stations repeat gun buying story; GOA’s Larry Pratt explains automatic vs semiautomatic; “assault-style”; ACC’s watch list experiences; Wayne LaPierre: “what law enforcement wants to do 90% of the time — 99% of the time — is let it go through, they want to watch it”
1:00:05Sit-in for Obama’s “safer, more loving world”, Warren: “I just brought Dunkin’ Doughnuts!”, Wasserman Schultz: “thoughts and prayers aren’t good enough any more”; Luke Russert: “Kim Kardashian was tweeting about this” (CotD); German movie theater shooting
1:11:29“In the line of presidential succession [Dennis] Hastert was once #2, now he is #47991-424”
1:14:20Producer Segment: Tafelberg competition; Trump “jobs jobs jobs”
1:28:24British kid’s Trump assassination attempt, Whoopi: “not an American concept, it’s not rational, it’s not smart”, Sunny Hostin: “it makes me wonder whether or not that campaign, the vileness of it and all the rhetoric is gonna bring more people out of the woodwork like that”
1:33:07Trump: Hillary has “perfected the politics of personal profit”, CBS lies about Hillary not acknowledging the radical Islam threat: “but last week she did just that” (CotD), redundant “radical Islamism”; Trump broke meme, “GOP jaws are dropping”, spending on his own properties; Lewandowski & Trump part ways; Trump supposedly ahead on economy, Trump: “I’m having more difficulty, frankly, with some of the people party than I am with the Democrats”, Bosnia attack “turned out to be young girls handing her flowers … Brian Williams’ career was destroyed for saying less”; Euronews lie: Trump for Muslim “racial” profiling
1:50:25Ex-CIA “hacks” Scowcroft & Armitage back Hillary; foreign policy weakness meme; Riyadh money and Iran deal cover-up, “so I made a mistake, that happens, it proves I’m human”; Trump “has no answers on the substance”; Trump on Clinton “blood money”; Austan Goolsbee lies about Trump “proposing to default on treasuries”; Joe Biden Saddam/Assad Freudian slip
2:08:35Donation Segment
2:19:48EgyptAir MS804 memory module issues; Obama hanging out with Soros’s son, insurance companies’ “just say no” policy, no cash allowed; Matt Cutts to join Defense Digital Service
2:26:54Gina McCarthy: climate change “happening now, you can see it every single day”
2:28:13Musicians pen open letter to Congress opposing YouTube DMCA protection (ACCPPotD)
2:31:56New Greek €7.5bn bailout to be used mainly to pay IMF & ECB debt
2:33:53Rape culture at Baylor, ACC: “the town is Baylor, they run everything including the cops”