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834 Toxic Masculinity (2016-06-16)

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0:00:00JCD: “What car comes with a carburator any more?” (2:28:48)
0:00:36Orlando nightclub shooting: press conference with doctors, “this is not a drill, this is not a joke”; Comey on FBI mistakes: “so far the honest answer is, I don’t think so”, “we are looking for needles in a nationwide haystack”, “if you see something, tell us”; Comey timeline, “our investigation involved introducing confidential sources to him”, al-Nusra suicide bomber
0:20:24Che Brandes-Tuka “toxic masculinity” propaganda; “lone woof”; two-hour gap between visits; police not releasing 911 tapes, L.A. Gay Pride distraction; Patience Carter’s story changed from ISIS to Afghanistan; ex-wife to Don Lemon on “family structure”, “do you think that he had gay tendencies?”, “a political figure as prominent as Father” and Muslim homophobia
0:47:06Gay Florida Imam to Lemon: “you could feel very sequestered”; Muslim professor: Afghanistan “most hostile homophobic country on the planet”, “gays must be killed”; Lemon brings up “secret gay rituals”, bacha bazi, media booker skit, professor cut off after “this is what motivated Omar Mateen”, alligator distraction after commercial; SJW New York protest lawyer
0:59:16No alligator witnesses, sheriff releases victim name; ABC victims names & faces segment with cheesy music; NewsHour corrects AR-15 to Sig Sauer MCX due to Trump association
1:05:43Whoopi: “there’s no reason for anyone to have a machine gun, basically”, JCD on gun fashion, Behar: Trump “recruiter-in-chief” for ISIS, Hillary’s Trump video lie, AWB sunset “ipso facto”
1:13:41No one saying “I dated him” about Mateen, rejected by community theory
1:17:27Producer Segment
1:30:52Orlando SWAT spray & pray, Sig Sauer jams, recent trauma center drill, barrage audio
1:37:52CBS on FBI limited by “First Amendment”; Trump: “they had a bad day”, Hayden: “this is not my criticizing the FBI”; Woolsey: FBI’s job not crime prevention, pushes Sapient
1:53:15CBS on death penalty for gays in Muslim countries; Obama Islam & Christianity quote montage, Trump’s possible birther long game, Trump: Obama mistreats Israel, Israel-Lebanon conflict; Obama’s anger at Trump “the kind of anger he should have for the shooter”, Obama on radical Islam: “calling a threat by a different name does not make it go away”, ACC: “that’s right, because it’s ISIS, ISIL, IS, Daesh”, Trump calls on Hillary to return money, Trojan Horse & “wacky” Hillary memes, Warren AWOL; Trump on “massive potholes”
2:12:32Rachel Maddow on Trump-Putin ties, on Guccifer Hillary data and Russian role: “eek”
2:17:27Bill Clinton dodges Foundation & election question, possibly knows he’s doomed
2:21:05Speaker tries to hijack University of Missouri Orlando vigil for into Black Lives Matter
2:24:04Oprah and Michelle Obama “be better” litany for men at United State of Women Summit; Biden on naked woman at Capitol: “no man … has a right to touch her!”, “nice fabric”
2:31:07Donations up; hot drinks cause cancer; eat whole grains; Obama meets with Dalai Lama
2:34:03Donation Segment
2:43:00“Battle of the Brexit” on the Thames, £30bn “black hole”, Farage vs Geldof, German sovereign bond impact, “this should be decided by the legislative body”, ACC predicts Bitcoin spike
2:53:06Thomas Frank on Democrats’ “liberalism of the rich”; NDAA analysis for Sunday; NATO Article 5 for cyberattacks; former Russian ambassador Matlock: Ukraine “deeply divided”
3:03:06NYT net neutrality video, war on torrents & VPNs
3:10:04Feinstein releases statistics on terrorist background checks, “terrorist loophole” meme; Oakland #3 in violent crime; ACC: “let’s go protect our gays” with Texas open carry
3:12:54ACC recommends new Moby album for sleeping