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832 Cissexist Hxstory (2016-06-09)

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0:00:00ACC: (nasal) “Like, well you know it’s a public pool!” (1:53:34)
0:00:34JCD’s Chinese “I Voted” sticker; Associated Press declares Hillary presumptive nominee, e-mail image URL “secret win version 2”; CBS on Sanders’ “zombie candidacy”; PBS lies “Hillary Clinton wrapped up the Democratic nomination overnight”; Wasserman Schultz to Democracy Now: superdelegates “free to decide all the way up until July”; Bernie sexist for staying in race, Bob Schieffer: Bernie “like gum on your shoe”; Hillary offering the olive bullet branch, Norman Solomon: media “genuflecting to elites within the Democratic Party”
0:20:12Attack ad interleaving Bill & Hillary; Solomon on neocon Hillary, R2P “responsibility to protect”; Trump & Hillary interleaved on immigration; Hillary blames Obama for Libya; Pooper on Foundation: “it’s always not been transparent”, Hillary: “overwhelming disclosure”
0:35:21Obama’s need for “healthy two-party system”; camera-kissing Gary Johnson; Hillary dodges Stephanopolous’ Second Amendment questions; Morning Joe crew on Katie Couric’s creatively edited gun documentary; Stephanopolous guffawing at prospect of Trump candidacy in 2015
0:50:22Josh Earnest’s “no, Kevin” on Iran deal lying omitted from transcript, follow-up “let me say that in the affirmative”, “forceful and fact-based, accurate, truthful case”, blames Republicans, no intention to amend transcript; State Department video investigation continues; TPP FOIA request’s projected November 31 release date to dodge Brexit vote
1:06:17Brexit registration and voting issues; City of London worried about Brexit
1:10:56Matt Lee: “you guys say it’s gonna take seventy-five years??” for staff e-mail FOIA; court filing: 1.5M pages, 500 pages per month, 33.3 years for Sullivan documents, “need not comply”
1:17:53Producer Segment: producer Twitter exchange with Snowden over forced-down plane
1:28:56JCD theory: Hillary’s VP will pardon her when she’s indicted; SouthDakota Hillary supporter wants to see her “put these 44 men down”; Warren’s risk of losing Senate seat to Republican, Hillary VP qualifications “from day one”; Brazilian coup; JMD to vote Bernie or Trump; Scott Adams endorses Hillary for “personal safety”, Susan Sarandon excoriated for Bernie support
1:42:09No charges for “gorilla boy” parents; father’s “twenty minutes of action” in rape case
1:51:44Brooklyn gets rid of women-only pool hours, JCD on discriminatory ladies’ nights; Daily Beast list of absurd college student demands, segregated safe spaces, “cissexist hxstory”
2:01:33New York City searching for recyclables in trash to outrage of Triumph soundalike
2:03:28US-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue; NATO joint maneuvers in Poland, Stephen Cohen compares to Cuban Missile Crisis, “eastern front” Nazi callback, Finland and Sweden, Romania & Poland in “crosshairs of an East-West war”, “this is good business for our weapon makers”
2:13:30Victoria Nuland lies: “the United States has sought to build a constructive relationship with Russia”, “rules-based international order”, “persistent rotational military presence”, “fuck the EU”; RT vs BBG “clean, honest Russian-language programming”, “journalist training”
2:30:04Donation Segment: Sir Trevor Mudge explains to ACC downfall of Moore’s Law
2:40:18David Icke lizard theory explains “eat bugs” meme
2:41:31Miss USA 2016: no white girls in the finals, JCD on sexy street-sweeper walk, screamed self-introductions; dumb questions: Muhammad Ali legacy, women in combat for Army reservist D.C., voting rights, California chokes on economic inequality (CotD), booed Hillary vs Trump for Hawaii; “women supporting women” final-final “confidently beautiful” question
3:06:30Clip Wheel: Roger Goodell’s death by Twitter; Spot the Spook: Miss USA Deshauna Barber
3:12:34Appeals court finally forces IRS to reveal list of targeted tea party groups