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82 Boom and Bust Explained (2009-03-22)

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0:00:36ACC’s week “in the zone” programming the stream; listener annoyed by “doom and gloom”; Financial Times word of the day: “Ponzimonium”, hundreds uncovered including $635M fractal, SEC’s Linda Thomsen vs Martha Stewart
0:11:18No definitive “look!” count for Obama on Tonight Show, host chair always 3 inches taller, Obama stammer, “automated message delivery”; California town hall meeting, “healthcare, energy, and education” meme, crowd full of Obama-bots, scripted questions; Chris Dodd banker bonuses, House bill’s 90% tax rate, AIG CEO on being shot in the head; Engadget finally tackles Gordon Brown DVDs
0:21:02JCD: Chronicle up next for death or limbo, useless restaurant reviews; CVC’s crap London Paper; iPhone users listening to stream; Top Gear beholden to advertisers; coup radio station takeovers, internet and “free press”, DHS cybersecurity responsibilities drifting into White House; JCD on Washington state “one giant speed trap” revenue model; ICE border patrol “punk kids” immune to speed limit enforcement, JMD “just doing their job” brainwashing; NHS “public health mentor” recruiting
0:35:54Obama “mandatory volunteer” community service, civilian military “Brownshirts”; UK Home Secretary “Wacky” Jacqui Smith on “complete strategy to address counter-terror”, 60k Brits in terror response training
0:38:45Dvorak Uncensored hitleruk UK fascism entries: two-year-old issued ASBO Antiscocial Behavior Order; no laughing while driving; no photographing police; couple too old to raise grandchildren; food police say “clean your plate”, WRAP Waste & Resources Action Program “food champions”’ plasma TV ban; secret police privatization; ASBO for missing cat poster
0:44:56Medvedev meets with Kissinger, Baker, Shultz, Perry, and Nunn, ACC: “it’s a table read”; British Stasi monitoring holiday destinations, ACC heading to Portugal, successful decriminalization of drug use in 2001; ACC on lighters a quarter full of butane; Alberta beginning underground CO2 sequestration, ACC speech-synthesizes “I am Al Gore and I am a robot, your new master”
0:55:59FDIC seizes two credit unions; revolutionary Russian-desiged car engine, JCD: “yeah right!”; White House 888-995-HOPEā„¢ infomercial; “shovel-ready website”; AIG death threat letters read to Barney Frank
1:05:55ACC on 1980s hair & clothing back in style; Reuters 2009 “fun(d) summit in Luxembourg”, Intelligence Capital’s Avinash Persaud on “new global reserve currency”, “Americans are complaining bitterly about their status of having the world’s reserve currency”, JCD on John McCain fractal, financial crisis’ 50-year shadow; European Commission vote in June, presidential election blocked by Lisbon Treaty; UN Office on Drugs & Crime on drug trade funding for interbank loans; “where’s Bin Laden” for ACC’s Afghan storekeep
1:20:07US Navy submarine & transport dock collision in Straight of Hormuz; Bernanke to 60 Minutes: it’s not tax money, it’s “akin to” printing money, JCD on avoiding deflation at all costs, JCD “to be honest about it”, controlling “boom and bust cycle” meme, ACC’s unsuccessful fishing pole analogy “official Buzzkill moment”
1:27:17And Now Back to Real News: Jade Goody dead at 27, Gordon Brown tribute, vaccine hoopla, JCD: “maybe she’s not even dead”
1:28:33Outro: Madoff up next, Patricia’s 78-year-old tap dancer; ACC: No Agenda iPhone app