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828 White, Male & Yale (2016-05-26)

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0:00:00“Oh, you might have your furry friend microchipped, why not your children?” (0:13:33)
0:00:37Texas storms, mile-wide funnel cloud; 127 straight hurricane-free months; tornado-damaged Fort Worth building that can’t be demolished, ACC: “just fly an airplane into it”
0:05:09MS804 dropped out of news cycle vs MH370 in news for a year, pilot linked to Benghazi
0:10:33Spot the Package: studio intro, man on street, voiceover with “resident”; microchip your kids, “if it’ll save my kid, there’s no stuff that’s too extreme”, false 1960s barcode analogy
0:21:16Pentagon 8inch floppy disks, “a lot’s changed since the 1960s”, JCD’s custom shirt with CD pocket, “dumbing down” IT graduates, COBOL vs crappy JavaScript
0:31:03State Department e-mail handling & security report; Barbara Boxer “every single Secretary of State did the same thing” lie, “I’m not reading it, I want to show your viewers”; Andrea Mitchell: “I don’t see how this is anything but devastating”; Deutsche Welle: “it’s official”
0:44:41JCD 3x3: CBS on server attacks: “she didn’t answer our shouted questions today”; State Department spokeshole’s long pause before responding to “how do you know that” no hacks succeeded; “I don’t want any risk of the personal being accessible” e-mail never released; ABC on “scathing” report, Hillary “slammed”, Hillary & Huma refused to talk to State Department, more shouted questions; Trump “crooked Hillary” meme, “Pocahontas” Warren
0:58:31MSNBC: Bill Clinton Cosby at courthouse; Brolf dismayed by live “fuck Donald Trump”; Ken Starr & Baylor rape case a Clinton hit piece; Van Jones on Clintons staying married; Chuck Todd debunks Trump “rooting” for foreclosures, “in his defeā€¦” filter; protester “dragged out by her limbs”, Warren: Trump “a small, insecure money-grubber”, Trump: “I call her goofy
1:18:17Staged Albuquerque protests with professional signs, Soros-funded
1:23:48Producer Segment
1:36:31Millennial “Mandela effect”, Sex in and the City, Sarah Palin and Russia, “matrix shift”
1:49:00Harry Reid: no money for zika until fall “when a lot of mosquitoes are leaving town”; University of Spoiled Children professor: wear a mosquito net, “it’s a public health nightmare”, “the world is flat”; IBM Open Zika Project app like SETI or “goodbye battery”, PointCast
1:56:56Reporters not allowed in Greek refugee facilities; German break-ins by Georgian gangs (CotD); Alexander Van der Bellen’s narrow presidential victory in austria; Normandy bridge blockade, Dutch “13th month” paycheck; Swiss UBI referendum; Nigel Farage on asylum policy: Merkel “took the cork out of a champagne bottle”, “let’s talk Turkey”; Germany to require visa holders to learn German; Netflix required to carry 20% European content
2:22:20HR5181 Countering Foreign Propaganda & Disinformation Act of 2016, “whole-of-government approach”, Goebbels’ Ministry of Public Enlightenment & Propaganda, BBG in charge
2:28:31Donation Segment: JCD’s strategies for dealing with fanboys
2:39:17LGBBTQQIAAP SJWs have invaded DC Comics’ New 52 with lesbian Batgirl
2:41:00TSA’s Melvin Carraway reassigned; Neffinger previews new technologies to replace grumpy bin wranglers, contractors trained at TSA Academy; National Deployment Force, “surge events”
2:48:3590% of Native Americans not offended by Washington Redskins
2:51:06Susan Rice at FIU commencement: national security workforce “white, male, and Yale”
2:53:11Hystrical BLM SJWs scream at Milo Yiannopoulos; “bedtime story privilege”; University of Missouri enrollment down 1500; Jamal Smith: Trump protesters “expressing their humanity”
3:02:51Remaining Freddie Gray suspects half black, MSNBC shifts narrative to The Wire cop culture
3:07:43CBS: AAA report links deadly crashes to legalized pot, JCD on spotting stoned drivers