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827 Elboob (2016-05-22)

Show 827 album art
0:00:00JCD: “Co… com… com… er… tidge.” (1:10:14)
0:00:36ACC’s numb fingertips; JCD Brexit: the Movie thumbs-up, anti-Brexit letter from 250 British celebrities, video disappearing from YouTube playlists; CFR’s journalist membership
0:14:42Gary Johnson running mate Bill Weld invokes Kristallnacht in reference to Trump; “good German syndrome” checklist; Swiss referenda; Robert McChesney’s People Get Ready: The Fight Against a Jobless Economy and a Citizenless Democracy, MSM race coverage “deplorable”, “regurgitating what people in power tell them”
0:25:17Trump seizes on MS804 crash: “if anybody thinks it wasn’t blown out of the sky, you’re 100% wrong”; barrage of lies from Hillary: “he has attacked our closest ally, Great Britain”, JCD: “does he have an army?”, “he has praised the reckless dictator in North Korea”, “unpredictable dangerous rhetoric”; Chelsey Clinton and Clooney CFR members
0:33:04MS804: bomb theory leaked by “US officials” based on “lack of information”, Egyptian aviation minister: terror more likely than technical failure; TtK learns Richard Quest’s sordid past; ACARS smoke indication, Boeing to Airbus switcheroo, three Air Marshals, wrong wreckage found, Egypt-Greece naval exercises; tattered shirts and pristine life preserver; ACARS condensation sensors, open windows, ACC: “what, are they stickin’ their heads out the window at 500 miles per hour?”; another excuse for further TSA slowdowns; no one claiming credit
0:52:50Three new executions from SITE Intelligence Group, new jumpsuits: blue is the new orange; beheading with clear liquid, AK shooting, head-bashing with rock, “dit is een boodschap
0:58:5533 MH17 victims’ next of kin suing Russia and Putin; MS804 disappeared on 33rd parallel
1:03:17Producer Segment: komkommertijd slow news cycle
1:16:50Angelina Jolie confirmed as CFR member; FaceBag proven unhealthy
1:17:33Swiss UBI efforts, millennial producer explains UBI’s attraction: career “hopelessness”
1:26:30“Verified millennial” Justin Trudeau vasectomy theory; Trudeau “elboobs” millennial MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau, “the furthest thing from a feminist act”, Brosseau: “and then I had to leave, it was very overwhelming”, “I missed the vote because of this”
1:37:26Claymation video on “intersectionality”, “oppressions and privileges that overlap and reinforce each other”; North Carolina bathroom bill part II “Wage and Hour Act”
1:47:51Democracy Now covers BLM and Native Canadian Totonto protests, “we’re taking back this land and we’re taking back our lives”; Wounded Knee and Alcatraz, Redbone’s Wounded Knee
1:54:17Clueless millennial misconstrues JCD’s Newsletter Edward Snowden “traitor!”; text message mind-reading, ACC’s mandatory FaceTime with CVC
2:02:16New “GOV.UK Verify” ID promo reel, eventually useable with “other governments”
2:08:21Plowshares Fund’s yearly $100k for NPR Iran coverage, next propaganda frontier: podcasting
2:12:40Donation Segment
2:20:36AquAdvantage frankensalmon approved as food in Canada; WHO confirms Africa zika outbreak, 279 women positive after change in reporting including asymptomatics, “still, no new funding” kicker, JCD: “they’re gonna have to make a little head”
2:26:22Turkey strips lawmakers of immunity from prosecution
2:27:21Clip Blitz: Über testing self-driving cars in Pittsburgh; India heat wave obviously climate change; Hillary: no need to defend honor; Hillary: “I will be the nominee”; four teenagers sue Massachusetts over climate change; Norah O’Donnell asks Valerie Jarrett how on earth Obama can live in Washington D.C.